The most beautiful national inns in Spain

If Spain can boast of anything, it is having one of the best networks of quality tourist accommodation like few others in the world. We refer to the network of national inns, charming hotels spread throughout the Spanish geography and located in emblematic buildings.

In the Spanish territory there is a total of 97 complexes of this type, distributed throughout all the autonomous communities. These are accommodations located in historic buildings in cities, but also in the middle of nature.

Do you want to visit some of the most charming national inns? Join us to discover all the curiosities that these standards of quality tourism have for you.

The network of national inns

Paradores a public company at the service of Spanish tourism since 1928. It can be affirmed that, after almost a century of life, its task of promoting the best image of Spain has been successfully fulfilled, in addition to protecting the historical and cultural heritage and promoting the local economy and care for the environment.

Its origins date back to 1910, when the Government presided over by José Canalejas decided to entrust the Marquis de la Vega Inclán with the project of creating a hotel structure, which did not exist in Spain at the time. The proposed idea consisted of refurbishing these establishments so that hikers and travelers could be accommodated, while at the same time improving Spain’s international image.

Over the years, the inns spread throughout the national territory. It was a time also marked by the development of infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports and ports that reached its peak in the 1960s.

Practically all the autonomous communities have accommodation of this type in their territory. Andalusia tops the list, with a total of 16 national inns, and followed by Castilla y León, with 15.

The 5 most charming national inns

It is a difficult task to choose the most charming accommodations, because each and every one of them has something surprising and remarkable. In any case, below we show you some of the most beautiful, whether they are urban accommodation or those that are hidden in the middle of nature.

1. Parador de Gredos (Castile and Leon)

It was in 1926 when, following this ambitious project and from the Royal Tourist Office, the monarch Alfonso XIII personally took care of choosing the best location for that first establishment. The chosen place was the Sierra de Gredos, between Madrid and Ávila, in the middle of a place of singular beauty.

In August of that same year the works began, which culminated on October 9, 1928, coinciding with the inauguration of this emblematic hotel, a pioneer of the subsequent network of Paradores in Spain. It was called Parador de Turismo de Gredos.

Between crystal clear waters, wild rocks and green pine forests of the Sierra de Gredos, the regal stone walls of the Parador de Gredos are entrenched. Inside, the rustic decoration makes it a cozy and stately place at the same time.

This hotel is the perfect starting point for excursions to unique places, such as Puerto del Pico, and it is also ideal for resting and enjoying the gastronomy of the area. In addition, in the surroundings you can follow mountain paths such as the one that will take you to the imposing Gredos cirque.

2. Parador de Jaen (Andalusia)

The Parador de Jaén crowns the city from the summit of Cerro de Santa Catalina. His emblematic figure dominates the horizon so that, when you approach Jaén, he will always be the first to welcome you.

This hotel is the origin and destination to discover all the charm of the Andalusian Renaissance. Its interior stands out for the impressive crossed arches 20 meters high in the main hall, the dining room and the rooms with impressive views of the city.

The surroundings of Jaén are a good option to discover the Sierras de Cazorla and Sierra del Segura, with their spectacular parks and nature reserves. On the other hand, the olive groves and the Guadalquivir river, which crosses these lands, add a special attraction.

3. Jarandilla de la Vera Parador (Extremadura)

In the center of the orchard of La Vera and El Tiétar, between water gorges, natural pools, chestnut and oak forests and natural landscapes that reaffirm the richness of the historical and monumental environment, the Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera sees the centuries go by — in cover image.

It is a castle-palace where Emperor Charles V stayed for months. Outside the hotel you will love the towers, the parade ground and its excellent swimming pool, with olive and orange trees. On the other hand, inside you can breathe an atmosphere of tranquility and intimacy, ideal for a very special stay.

If you are passionate about nature, you will be in the right place, Well, in this area you can enjoy it by visiting wonderful places such as Garganta del Jaranda or nearby towns, such as Garganta la Olla.

4. Parador de La Gomera (Canary Islands)

Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive. This parador is difficult to describe, because its beauty leaves anyone speechless. Here, the protagonism is taken by the landscape of La Gomera and the impressive views offered by this parador over the ocean, with the island of Tenerife and Mount Teide on the horizon.

It stands out for its island architecture and is decorated as if it were a box of memories from the Columbian era, when the ships departed from the island to American lands. The Parador de La Gomera offers cozy rooms, a swimming pool and a lush garden with subtropical species, an authentic paradisiacal hotel.

5. Inn of Baiona (Galicia)

To the south of the Rías Baixas, protected from the open sea by a beautiful bay, is the Monterreal peninsula. The Parador de Baiona awaits you there, a fortress that offers you its walls to walk, rest or have a drink in front of the sea.

Here, the best moments take place in dreamy sunsets where, in the distance, the Cíes Islands invite you to visit their cliffs, beaches and dunes. Elegance is the characteristic of all the rooms in the parador: stately halls, rooms with sea views, spectacular stone stairs…

These features are a symbol of the majesty of this medieval fortress, whose walled gardens overlooking the ocean are a pleasure to walk through. Without a doubt, an idyllic landscape that makes Baiona a unique place.

National Inns, much more than hotels

A long history and exhaustive conservation are the reasons that explain the varied and rich range of quality accommodation existing today in Spain. The passage of various civilizations through this land and the traces of their footprint have made it possible to create the network of national inns, one of the most complete in the world.

Sleeping in a medieval castle or enjoying the sunset in a palace on the Galician coast is priceless. Either way, we recommend that you live it in the flesh; Paradores Nacionales offers you 97 options in Spanish territory that will not disappoint you.

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