The most beautiful towns in the province of Salamanca

We invite you to take a tour of the province of Salamanca and get to know the most beautiful towns in the region, their heritage and their traditions.

Salamanca It is a very beautiful city with a lot to see and also to enjoy. But now we are going to invite you to get to know other places in the province, the most beautiful towns that are near or around the city of Salamanca and that have a lot of charm.

Rodrigo City

About 85 kilometers from Salamanca is Rodrigo City, a town that you should not miss. Its old town, full of monuments that are reflections of its extensive history, has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site, all within a walled enclosure with a perimeter of about two kilometers and which has its origin in the 12th century.


To the north of the province and less than 40 kilometers from the capital is ledesmaanother locality declared as Historic Artistic Set. It is equally interesting to take an urban route and get to know its main monuments, such as going out to the outskirts and crossing the Mocho Bridgemaking their way to discover the landscape of the region.


calendar It is one of the towns worth seeing in the area of ​​the Sierra de Béjar, on the provincial border with Cáceres. town of tradition butcher shopits location and its customs mark its peculiar architecture, with elements such as batipuertas and watering canswhich are found in practically every house and in each of its steep streets.

The towns of the Sierra de Francia

Within the area known as the Sierra de France we come across several towns that should not be missed, and that have much in common in terms of their physiognomy and architecture. mogarraz is a good example of this, a town that has portraits on the facades of the people who lived in those houses several decades ago.

Another town that you should visit is Miranda del Castañar, which stands out in the area for having an important monumental heritage. Stands out above all Castle of the Zúñigaone of the best preserved castles in the area, whose parade ground is a rectangular bullring, one of the oldest in Spain in its style.

Although without a doubt, the most famous town in this area and the most visited is The swimming pool (in the image). It is worth walking in silence through this town that still retains its air medievaldiscovering every little corner and every detail and getting to know their ancestral traditionssuch as the Moza de Ánimas.

Photo 1 | Flickr – Manuel Fouce and Ana Ramos
Photo 2 | Flickr – Turol Jones

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