The most cinematographic cities in the world

If you are an experienced traveler, surely when you are watching movies you realize that you already know some of the places that appear in them. This is because there are cities that great film directors have chosen over and over again. If you don’t know them, Would you like to know which are the most cinematographic cities in the world?

New York, one of the most cinematographic cities

Empire State Building – Matej Kastelic

Do you know any other city where as many series and movies have been shot as New York? And it is that The Big Apple has it all: it is cosmopolitan, urban, natural, cultural… All in one. Not for less the best film directors choose it every day as the perfect setting for their productions.

King Kong, Citizen Kane, Apartment, Breakfast with diamonds, Taxi driver or the trilogy of The Godfather are some of those masterful films that have been shot here. Y not just movies, the city has been the protagonist of countless series.


London – pisaphotography

Its stately air has made it one of the most cinematographic cities in the world. Any of the icons of London, such as Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey or Trafalgar Square have at some point been a movie set.

You can see the British capital in such famous films as Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible, Shakespeare in Love either Royal Casino, to mention just a few examples. And, if you are a lover of the saga starring Harry Potter, you can visit the studios where many of the scenes were filmed.

The Angels

Hollywood Sign – 12019 /

We couldn’t talk about the most cinematographic cities in the world without mentioning Los Angeles, the city most closely related to the seventh art. Here are some of the most famous studies. And who has not seen the famous Hollywood sign or the unique Walk of Fame in a movie?

Movies like pulp fiction, LA Confidential, terminator, Mulholland Drive or the famous beautiful woman the streets of the city were staged.


“It is impossible to make a good film without a camera that is like an eye in the heart of a poet.”

-Orson Welles-


Paris – Alexander Kirch

The city of love has been the protagonist of films such as The last Tango in Paris, White House, Sweet Irma, Belle de Jour either amelie. It is not for less, because the scenarios offered by the city exude beauty and love on all four sides.

Its bridges, Notre Dame, the painters’ quarter and its icon, the Eiffel Tower… No film director has been able to resist its charms.


Trevi Fountain – Catarina Belova

Rome has been and is the muse of many film directors. The list of films shot in one of the oldest cities in the world is almost endless: Rome, open city, the bike thief, Quo Vadis, the sweet life, Holidays in Rome, Angels and Demons, Sorry if I call you “love, The talent of Mr. Ripley…

San Francisco

Justin Brown/

His wonderful red jumper appears in many films. And it is that The Golden Gate has already become not only a symbol of the city, but also of the world of cinema. For this reason, San Francisco has taken on great importance and has become one of the most dreamed-of destinations.

Blame it on movies like 20,000 leagues under the sea, Vertigo, star trek, The graduate, Basic Instinct either The escape from Alcatraz.


Plaza de España in Seville – Delpixel

They say that it has a special color, and its Plaza de España, together with the Torre del Oro and the Giralda, have been the settings chosen by American, Spanish and French directors. Scenes from movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars-Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Impossible Mission II either The dictator.


Gran Via – Sean Pavone /

Alejandro Amenábar, Pedro Almodóvar or Alex de la Iglesia are lovers of the Spanish capital. They themselves affirm that it is not because it is their homeland, but because Madrid is spectacular, a stately city that combines culture, modernity and tradition. What better setting for an Oscar-worthy movie?

There are many film productions that have shown the beauty of this splendid citybetween them Shimmering Meat, Everything about my mother either Women at the edge of a nervous attack.

Did you already know some of the most cinematographic cities in the world thanks to your love of cinema? Well if not, do it for your love of traveling! This is an excellent list of destinations for your next vacation. You will get to know splendid cities full of culture, beauty and magic.

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