The most famous and amazing excursions in New York

It is one of the most visited cities in the world due to all the charms it hides, and they can be known in different ways. Next, we show you some of the most outstanding excursions in New York, those that will make you get the most out of your visit to the city that never sleeps. Can you come with us?

tours of contrasts

It is one of the most characteristic excursions in New York. Its name is due to the fact that it allows you to visit places that are not so touristy in the city.such as the districts of the Bronx, Queens or Harlem.

The tour, which is in Spanish, lasts about five hours approximately and ends at the Brooklyn Bridge, so you can later take the opportunity to get to know the area.

tours by manhattan

Manhattan is the most famous district in New York. And it is that in addition to constituting the center of the city, offers numerous possibilities: touring the neighborhoods of Chinatown or Little Italy; visit times square; disconnect in Central Park; climb to the top of the Empire State Building; go shopping on Fifth Avenue and a long etcetera.

tours Of purchases

If shopping on Fifth Avenue is not enough for you, you can do this tour that takes you through various outlets where you can buy brand name garments at more affordable prices than those offered by the shops on the big avenues.

These malls are located on the outskirts of New York and one of the most prominent is The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet.

tours night

Tour New York at night and see all its buildings illuminated It is one of the best tourist experiences that can be lived. The city will envelop you with its spell and will irremediably seduce you.

Some of the highlights are Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State. It is also recommended to mount on ferry and go to Staten Island to see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

tours by helicopter, one of the most incredible excursions in New York

Those who want to get to know New York in a different way can fly over it by helicopter for fifteen or twenty minutes. Better to do the excursion at noon, when the sun is as high as possible. The views of the Hudson River or Manhattan are, to say the least, spectacular.

New York! From the beginning your beauty disturbed me, that girl with big eyes and long legs.

-Leopold Sedar Senghor-

Niagara Falls Tour

It is one of the most demanded excursionsWell, Niagara Falls are a true natural wonder. It is up to each one to do it on their own or by hiring a guided tour; go and return to the city on the same day or extend the excursion to two days to enjoy the place even more.

Regarding how to get to Niagara Falls there are several options: by plane, the fastest of all; by bus, the cheapest; by rental car, the most personal and the one that gives the most flexibility; or by train, the least recommended due to its high cost and that it does not shorten the duration of the trip too much.

Once in the place it will be possible to verify that Niagara Falls is surrounded by a large park, always open to the public and which can be accessed free of charge. However, you can find various attractions in the environment that carry a cost, such as the Cave of the Winds or the Niagara Aquarium.

Excursions to other American cities

From New York you can take the opportunity to visit other cities of interest. One of them is the country’s capital, Washington DC, about three and a half hours by train from Pennysilvania Station. There you can see first-hand the famous White House and the United States Capitol.

There is also the possibility of taking an excursion to Boston, where to explore its historic center, the port area or Harvard University. Or you can go to Philadelphia, which has many points of interest: the Liberty Bell, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Museum of Art and even the Amish country of Lancaster.

You can do countless excursions in New York. They are very different and each one of them shows you a face of the city. They are also a good way of not missing out on anything that is really worthwhile.

But it is important that you do not leave it for the last minute. It is convenient to study all the offers very well, see what interests you the most and book with time so you don’t run out of that excursion that you want so much. What’s more, if you know how to organize yourself well, you can enjoy more than one during your stay in New York. What are you waiting for to start deciding?

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