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The most hated phrase in Spanish


Do you understand me? It is a crutch used by many of us when having a conversation with other people. However, people resent being questioned about their ability to understand during a conversation. That is why this filler is the one that irritates an interlocutor the most, according to a survey carried out by the BBC Mundo site.

Asking the interlocutor if they understand you is equivalent to doubting their ability to understand and even your own intelligence.. Many Internet users from Mexico, the USA, Argentina and other countries share this point of view since they consider that asking this question implies that the listener has little intellect to interpret what is being said.

“It’s like calling you a brute to your face,” says Sonia Janet from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. “Cachai” is the Chilean version of this phrase and the Chilean Mario Castro says that it is unbearable for him when they go towards him with Other phrases that were also among the most hated are “I mean”, “I swear”, “I told you” and “with all due respect”, the latter because it usually always precedes a painful trial. this phrase. I explain? It is another version of this phrase and although in this one it alludes to the lack of eloquence of the speaker, it is annoying enough for some people like Alejandra, from Tijuana, Mexico. “Wow! It is that I am not dumb, nor deaf, nor do I speak a Martian dialect”.

The survey was also carried out for the English language and the most annoying phrases were the following: «You know», which translates as «you know», «It is what it is» (it is what it is), «anyway » (anyway) and «at the end of the day» (at the end of the day).

Something that is very common in Hispanic migrants who arrive in the United States is conjugating verbs in English as if they were in Spanish. Some examples are «parkear» (from «park», which means «to park»), «guachar» (from «watch», which means «to observe») or «likear» (from «leak», which means «to drip»). .

Most likely you agree that the use of these fillers is usually a bit annoying, but is there a phrase that bothers or bothers you personally?

Source: BBC

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