The most interesting bars in New York

It is the city that never sleeps. Perhaps for this reason, or because of the cosmopolitan spirit of the city, the offer of bars in New York is really impressive. The nightlife is exuberant and definitely something to experience first hand.

Must-see New York bars

As usual, bars open at 6 pmalthough there are also many that never close. From 18.30 they are a hive of people. In the best, yes or yes, you have to book. Otherwise it is almost impossible to find a place after 19 hours.

Night life of the city is absolutely electrifying. And one of the best plans is precisely to go to one of the bars in New York. Better if it is one of those places that have something special, either because of its history, its proposal or its atmosphere. These are seven of the most striking.

1. McSorley’s Old Ale House

This is the oldest Irish tavern in New York. It is located in Manhattan and until 1970 it prohibited entry to women. It opened its doors in 1854 and since 1910 none of the objects on the walls have been removed. The walls are covered with newspapers and the floor with sawdust.

All this gives a unique atmosphere to this place, which it’s in the Top 5 of historic bars, according to the magazine The New Yorker. It is, of course, the best place to savor Ireland’s famous beer.

2.The Aviary

The Aviary is on the top 50 list bars of the world. The beverage manager is Micah Melton and he has implemented an experimental concept that is very interesting. They have 39 types of ice. In fact, they were the pioneers in the “red hook”, those ice balls that have liquor inside. A great place.

3. Apotheke

The word “apothéke” is German and in Spanish it means pharmacy. This is what this bar-laboratory is like, which opened in 2015 and where experimentation and unusual mixtures are the predominant note. The bar manager is Filippo Stavola, a creative expert.

The site looks like a pharmacy ancient, divided into two rooms. In the menu you can read the compositions of the mixtures to make the cocktails.

4. PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

It is a bar that is accessed by a telephone booth next to a little hot dog stand on St. Marks Place. It is considered a secret bar, or speakeasy, even though it is one of the most famous in the world. Hence its name, which translates “Please don’t say it”.

To enter you have to dial the number one on the telephone wheel. Then a door opens in a false wall and a nice girl leads you inside.

5. Neir’s Tavern, the doyen of New York bars

It’s a Queens bar and, according to its owners, the oldest such establishment in the entire United States. It was founded in 1829 and has had various names throughout its history. It was owned by the Neir family until 1967. In 2009 it underwent a major remodeling and regained strength.

Neir’s Tavern is a very famous place because it has been the setting for several movies, such as Goodfellaswith Robert de Niro and Ray Illota.

6.Gallow Green

This beautiful bar is located on the terrace of the McKittrick Hotel. It has a unique atmospheresince everything there is practically a show.

The elevator has the appearance of an old train station. Arriving at the bar there is a beautiful garden and decoration that makes you feel like you are in the country. The floors are rustic and the furniture has a handcrafted look.

Best of all is the majestic view of New York’s Westside buildings. The place is very romantic and nice. One of the bars in New York that you have to visit, without a doubt.

7. Top of the Strand

It is located at the top of the Strand Hotelon West 37th Street, right next to the Empire State Building, from which you get a fabulous view.

The bar was decorated by Lidia Marks, the set designer for Sex in the city. It has a modern and cosmopolitan style, with a bar decorated with candles and lanterns. All this combines to result in a fabulous environment. They are specialists in wines, beers and lamb dishes.

As you see, among the offer of bars in New York you will find establishments of all kinds. Be sure to visit any of them when you travel to the city, they are also part of its essence.

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