The most outstanding sites of the state of Michoacán in Mexico

The Mexican state of Michoacán offers travelers the chance to enjoy its rich historical heritage, natural corners and good gastronomy.

Within Mexico there are many reference sites where you can do tourism and enjoy a wide variety of possibilities throughout the year. The state of Michoacán is one of them, a very interesting area with places where culture and nature are the protagonists, in addition to appetizing gastronomic proposals, as invited by VisitMéxico.

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary It is an excellent place where you can enjoy with the wonderful butterfly. It is a beautiful spectacle with the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly throughout the month of October, while in March it is when they begin to leave, taking advantage of the rising air currents to carry out their journey.

It is also recommended to enjoy Patzcuaro, a Magical Town within Mexico that allows us to discover a series of emblematic temples and a central square whose atmosphere is really excellent. You can still see buildings made of adobe and traditional tiles and it is interesting to note that it is a fishing village that was very important in pre-Hispanic times.

In Patzcuaro It is also interesting to visit the Museum of Popular Arts since it is one of the most outstanding and inside you can see pieces of art from the 18th century, crafts from different regions of the Michoacan state and you can see textile pieces, carved wood, jewelry, copper, among many others that are still used.

In urupan We can see different buildings, a city that is popular thanks to the fact that avocados are grown here in large quantities and there are still different chapels from the colonial era that can be seen during the trip.

An interesting natural area is the Zirahuen Lake, a site with a legend behind it that says that it was Princess Zirahuén who made the formation of this lake possible with her tears. It is interesting to take a walk and relax practicing kayak and discover the best panoramic views, without leaving aside the good gastronomy in the surroundings thanks to its restaurants.

It is highly recommended to know the Barranca del Cupatitzio National Park, where you can enjoy the famous Cupatitzio river, because it is the river that “sings”. The vegetation, its different trails for a quiet walk is excellent to enjoy in this area of ​​Urupan and it is excellent for couples and families.

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