The most peculiar Las Vegas shows

Las Vegas is the fun capital of the world, in every way. For this reason, it is not surprising that the big entertainment companies have chosen it exclusively to show some of their shows more special. Still don’t know which are the most peculiar Las Vegas shows? Well, don’t miss this list!

Las Vegas shows not to be missed

Cirque du Soleil

The well-known Canadian circus is world famous. His shows are inimitable and each one of them surprises everyone who sees it. In Las Vegas they have some of the best permanently and, in addition, you can only see them there. The company has an exclusivity contract with the city to offer some of their best shows.

One of the most particular shows is Zumanity, which you can see in the New York-New York. This show is based on sensuality, on showing sex in a pure way and without taboos. An argument, how little, peculiar.

At the Hotel Bellagio you can see EITHER, another of the shows offered by the Cirque du Soleil. The entire plot takes place in the water. Knowing their acrobats, we can imagine the movements they will make in it.

Beatles Love in The Mirage,”Mystere” on Treasure Island,”KÀ” at MGM Grand or “Michael Jackson” at the Mandalay, are the rest of the shows that the circus offers in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel Believe

This young magician became famous throughout the world for his space magic and, why not say it, because of its peculiar appearance. Cirque du Soleil could not miss this opportunity and decided to create an exclusive show in which the magician would show all his skills.

Illusionism, black magic, mysticism and much more await you at the Hotel Luxor, one of the most famous hotels in the city. Ready for a magical evening?

Vegas!, The Show

Inside the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is the Saxe Theater, where you can enjoy this Show that evokes the decades of the 50s and 60s in Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra, Elvis or Tom Jones are some of its protagonists.

Of course, show is show, and in this Show you can not miss a striking wardrobelike the feathered suits of the showgirls, evening gowns, tuxedos and any other detail that this time can remind you of. You will enjoy one of the most evocative Las Vegas shows

Le Rêve

As in the case of EITHER of Cirque du Soleil, This is a Show which takes place in the wateralthough the theater is so small that it won’t matter much which seat you have, you will be able to enjoy the show to the fullest!

You can see it at the Wynn theater and has been one of the most awarded Las Vegas shows. It is not surprising that it has been showing itself to the world for more than three decades.


Who does not remember this pop diva? Well, Las Vegas has been the place chosen by Cher to spend the rest of her career. Only in this city will you have the opportunity to see her sing livehave her a few meters away and enjoy her incredible voice.

MGM’s Park Theater is the place to enjoy this singer. The advantage is that the shows that it offers in this place do not host a large public, so you can enjoy its majesty without the crowds of the tours.

purple king

It is a tribute to other of the greats of pop, which unfortunately is no longer with us. We are talking about Prince, of whom a biographical film was made called PurpleRain, from which the name of this show has been taken with a play on words.

Jason Tenner imitates the famous singer, imitating his voice almost perfectly and accompanying it with the same gestures and costumes. In fact, many are amazed and are unable to say that this is not the very Prince.

Do you already have your bags ready to go to Las Vegas? Remember that these shows are unique and that you can only enjoy them in this part of the world, so at least it’s worth seeing one on your trip, don’t you think?

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