The most recommended places to travel in Italy

The most interesting places to enjoy a romantic vacation in Italy as a couple throughout the year.

There are beautiful places in Italy to enjoy spectacular vacations as a couple, getting to know natural areas, big cities and places with a really suggestive romantic touch. Known Destinations that are very worthwhile to take them into account on your next trip.

The city of Milan is one of the iconic sites of ItalyA spectacular place to enjoy is Milan, a city where fashion is one of the great attractions thanks to the fact that we find many stores of the best brands. It is also a good place to enjoy like the Duomo, the great gothic cathedral to know, as well as the Brera Art Gallery. A walk through the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery is another recommended visit.

For many couples it is interesting to discover the island of sicily, a place very different from other Italian destinations due to its historical and cultural particularities. It offers an attractive natural landscape where mountains, volcanoes abound and with excellent views of the sea.

More interesting destinations

Outside of the popular destinations we find places like the amalfi coast. It is a very interesting area for couples looking to go on road trips, discover very unique landscapes and get to know the best traditional gastronomy in the area. It allows excursions and hiking, among many other proposals.

Cinque Terre It is a group of small towns with a lot of charm. It is a World Heritage area and we find in it fishing villages, delicious traditional food, as well as ancient buildings dating from the Middle Ages. It can only be accessed on foot or by train since the car it is not allowed in this impressive place. Tourists will be able to enjoy both the mountains and the beach.

Another good recommendation to keep in mind is the city of merano, an excellent place for couples to enjoy the Italian Alps, snowy landscapes in winter and a multitude of flowers and green meadows in summer. It is a place where the International Wine Festival is held in November, as well as offering very interesting gastronomic proposals and natural options such as hiking and biking.

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