The most recommended visits in Sarasota

Sarasota is a Florida destination that offers nature areas, family-friendly tours, and museums for car lovers.

One of the recommended destinations in the United States is the city of Sarasota, a very unique place that is located in the popular state of Florida and is one of the reference destinations. The variety of outdoor activities together with the cultural proposals make this city a reference site for couples and also families.

Siesta Key Village Beach is a Sarasota Featured DestinationA highly recommended visit is the Siesta Key Village beach, which is among the best beaches in Florida. Curiously, the sand is extremely fine, so much so that it seems that we are walking on flour. It also offers spectacular views and is excellent for sunbathing or practicing water sports on vacation, as well as being the setting for different festivals and events in summer.

Another alternative is to meet the famous Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, an interesting place for lovers of nature. It allows you to take a tour to discover the greenhouses of orchids, bromeliads, palm trees, tropical plants, among other species. It also offers a cafe to enjoy different drinks while admiring the flora of the area, as well as a gift shop to take home some souvenirs.

Other recommended visits

A visit for children to enjoy is the Dakin Dairy Farm, a very unique site in Sarasota that allows all visitors to bottle their own fresh milk, fresh and with all its properties. It is a sustainable and family business that usually attracts a large number of tourists since it is within the agrotourism segment. In the surroundings you can enjoy a day of picnic.

Another recommendation when getting to know this Florida destination is to go to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. It is a museum that dates back to the mid-20th century and offers a collection of classic cars such as John Ringling’s Roll Royce, Paul McCartney’s Cooper and John Lennon’s 1935 Bentley, among many others. They also offer other objects such as music boxes, books, Thomas Edison phonographs.

It is an excellent city to enjoy. Florida is a state that offers many landmarks such as Jacksonville and Sarasota, allowing visitors to enjoy a complete trip.

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