The most visited destinations by Muslim tourists

Islamic tourism continues to grow remarkably in recent years thanks to better services for Muslim tourists.

It is increasingly important to promote Islamic tourism because there is a large number of muslim travelers who want to spend a vacation outside their country and discover new places. It is a segment that is progressing positively since some 131 million Muslim tourists enjoyed a stay abroad, compared to 121 million the previous year.

Saudi Arabia is the main destination for Muslim tourists in the worldAccording to data from a report that has just been published, a good part of Muslim tourists tend to have high purchasing power, which makes them especially attractive to many countries in the world. Saudi Arabia It is the main destination for travelers who profess this religion, a country in which the city of Mecca is located, which is sacred to Muslims.

Among other important destinations that Muslim travelers usually go to, we find Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, among other places of reference that are advancing. It is important to note that Russia is the main non-Muslim destination on this list along with an outstanding second position for Spain.

Advancement of Islamic tourism

In order to attract the muslim tourists It is essential to meet a series of requirements and thus move forward in this regard. It is essential to take into account their tastes and eating practices. Have the certification halal allows Muslim tourists to enjoy a peaceful trip in restaurants that have it, where, for example, pork and alcohol have no presence.

Offer services like bathrooms and pools where separation by sex is a reality is another fundamental requirement, unless there is a time slot where only women can access these services, which is one of the essential aspects.

In this way the muslim travelers they usually enjoy in different parts of the world, both in Islamic and non-Islamic countries, discovering different international destinations that offer what they are looking for

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