The Mountain of Seven Colors, a natural wonder in Peru

Get to know the Mountain of Seven Colors, a natural wonder that exists in Peru and that is today another of the great tourist attractions of the Andean country.

The city of cuzco It is known mainly for being the gateway to Machu Picchu and the ancient Inca culture. But from this population of Peru you can do other excursions the sea of ​​interesting, such as the one that leads to know a place called Vinicunca, better known today as the Mountain of Seven Colors or Rainbow Mountain.

The Mountain of Seven Colors is one of those natural wonders that mother earth gives us, a mountain hill in which the colors of the rainbow are interspersed and that, without a doubt, give a beautiful image, which has made it an important tourist attraction. The sensation, from a distance, is as if someone had dedicated themselves to painting the floor of this mountain of colors, without mixing with each other.

But, logically, there is a scientific and much simpler explanation for this very particular phenomenon: the minerals. The great concentration of minerals make the earth take different colors: yellow for sulphide minerals, red for iron, whitish for quartz… A natural wonder that came to light thanks to the thaw caused by global warming.

How to visit the Mountain of Seven Colors?

To discover this Mountain of Seven Colors, the ideal is to hire a tour from Cuzco. The excursions are carried out from very early, because you have to spend several hours by bus to reach the village of Pitumarca, the main point of reference. The excursion can be done on foot or on horsebackand cross paths where we can come across Andean fauna, always with the summit of the Ausangate mountain in the background.

The tours are usually guided and they include breakfast and lunch, in addition to the fact that they can cover other needs in case of discomfort. And we cannot forget that, apart from the effort involved in hiking through the mountains for several hours, the Mountain of Seven Colors is more than five thousand meters high and, as much as one believes oneself already acclimated, it is easy in a situation of effort to suffer altitude sickness and feel dizzy or have a headache.

Also, you have to be respectful with the environment as much as possible. The Mountain of Seven Colors has become an important tourist attraction and it is very likely that we will meet a lot of people, and not all of them are respectful. We must put our grain of sand to don’t spoil the place and may it continue to be a natural wonder.

Photo | Pixabay – jerzykwpodrozy

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