The MuVIM in Valencia hosts exhibitions on graphic art

Recently created, MuVIM is a space dedicated to innovative art that offers interesting exhibitions with images as the protagonist in its rooms.

Valencia is a city that has always been associated with modernity and innovation in art. Many of the artists that have emerged from the city of Turia during the 20th century have experimented with the limits of art and have contributed something interesting. The MuVIM, ‘Valencia Museum of Illustration and Modernity’wants to continue this trend and show current art in a fun and entertaining waythrough temporary exhibitions that show that art that is out of the ordinary.

The MuVIM It is located in the heart of Valencia, next to Calle Guillem de Castroa few tens of meters from the City hall and the North Station, in a modern building that already attests to what we can find inside. It has several exhibition rooms spread between the basement and the third floor and a external room, attached to the main building. What is really interesting is that the ticket costs two euros and with that one ticket you can visit all the exhibitions.

During the spring of 2018, the MuVIM presents several temporary exhibitions, designed for both the family audience and fans of comic world. In the lobby you can see an exhibition of comics from the 1920s until the 1960s, with originals and plates of those comics that shaped various postwar generations. There is also an interesting exhibition on the beginnings of comics in the United States, with originals by authors such as Windsor McCay, Harold Foster, Alex Raymond and many other cartoonists from the beginning of the 20th century that have become classics.

On the upper deck you can see the perfomance ‘jo soc. Memory of the Rapades‘, an installation that shows an audiovisual and images of people who had their hair cut in memory of «The Shaved«, women retaliated after the Civil War. In the adjoining room there is an exhibition on journalistic photography, which in this case runs through the Turia and reflects the daily scenes that take place next to it.

The exposure of a model of the walled Valencia It is one of the permanent exhibitions and can be seen in the museum lobby. The exhibitions change every few months, but they always have the image as the leitmotif and offer the opportunity to discover very interesting things related to graphic art.

The schedule of MuVIM It is from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In addition, specific courses and workshops are organized and concerts and other related activities take place. There is also a bookstore and a cafeteria, which complement the Museum’s offer and give it more life.

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