The National Tower of Canada: would you dare to climb it?

The Canadian National Tower, also known as the CN Tower CN Tower— is a Canadian self-supporting broadcast tower. At 553 meters high, it is the tallest in America and one of the largest in the world.

This tower is one of the strongest icons in Canada and the main one in the city of Toronto, which is where it is located. It represents an authentic modern postcard that attracts approximately two million tourists a year.

Are you ready to know more about her? Because it really is a unique modern construction that has a lot to offer. It is not a simple tower to admire from afar, no! You can be the protagonist climbing the tallest tower in America and get unique views and sensations. Would you dare to climb? Find it out!

About the Canadian National Tower

Its construction began in 1973 by the Canadian National Railway company, due to communication problems caused by the imposing skyscrapers.

Mainly made of concrete, and thanks to its structure and design, it is adapted to withstand winds of more than 400 km/h and strong earthquakes. It is estimated that some 300 million Canadian dollars were needed to build this tower.

Three years later, in June 1976, its construction was completely completed and it was opened to the public. Over the years, the Canadian National Tower has gained more visitors. Do not hesitate, it is an amazing attraction.

What to see and do at the Canadian National Tower

First of all, you can get a unique view of Lake Ontario as it faces Lake Ontario. Also you can see the great skyscrapers from above, the Port of Toronto and even, if the day is clear, see something of the city of New York that is on the other side of Lake Ontario.

The tower features six magnificent glass-fronted high-speed elevators that provide an incredible view. In 58 seconds, those elevators will take you to different height levels, where you can fully enjoy. Keep in mind that the rates are different depending on the levels you want to visit.

Main observation deck

Getting to the observatory is included in general admission. Here you will find yourself at about 346 meters high and you will already be able to get wonderful views. Being at this height is no small thing, so make the most of this experience and explore this unique site as much as you can.

glass floor

At 342 meters there is a spectacular space where the attraction is the amazing glass floor. It has been specially designed for the enjoyment of those who visit it, so you can have fun walking, crawling, sitting, or even jumping on it!

That’s right, there is nothing to fear, since the floor is super resistant and appropriate. With its 23.8 square meters, it is capable of supporting the equivalent weight of about 35 moose. Worries outside and have fun.

Also, in this level you can visit the Outdoor Sky Terrace. It is a terrace that is also 342 meters high. There you can enjoy the feeling of the breeze running through your body; simply unique!

sky pod

Do you like to go to the end? Well then, this site is for you. At 447 meters is the skypod, one of the highest observation decks in the world.

From there you can have an unparalleled and privileged view. In good weather conditions, visibility can be up to 100 miles away from Niagara Falls and New York State.

Also, some 33 floors above, you can enjoy interpretive exhibits. It should be noted that to visit the sky pod and exhibits must be paid an additional fee.

360 restaurant

If something was missing from this incredible tower, it was a magnificent restaurant. At Restaurant 360 you can enjoy the best of Canadian cuisine at 350 meters above sea level. Plus, you can accompany your meal with an award-winning selection of Canadian wines, craft beers and spirits in the world’s tallest cellar.

Enjoy an admirable panoramic view and make the most of it. Also, every 72 minutes the restaurant rotates 360 degrees! And to make it better, if you add a fixed price purchase per person to your meal, you will have complementary access to the levels LookOut —main observation deck— and to the glass floor.

For true adventure lovers

The further we go, the better it gets; if you are a true adventure lover, this will fascinate you: EdgeWalk is a pure adrenaline experience at the Canadian National Tower.

This is a full-circle, hands-free walk on a 1.5-meter-wide platform that surrounds the top of the tower’s main capsule at 356 meters. It is the first of its kind in North America.

The team in charge is very responsible with the safety and health of visitors, so the experience is done with specialist guides in charge, in a group and with a safety rail and harness. This 30-minute experience will leave you stunned, do you dare such an exciting sensation? In addition, you can get photos, videos and a certificate of achievement for your time in the attraction.

Here too, fees are paid separately; the only thing that can stop this adventure is thunderstorms, strong winds or other extreme weather conditions. Outside of that, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself to the full.

Much more than a tower

The Canadian National Tower is much more than a tower, as we have seen. Endless new and exciting sensations await you there.

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, It offers different levels to know and enjoy to the fullest. You can disconnect for a while and enjoy the incredible views and exciting sensations, eat and drink in an unusual restaurant, and even go further with the experience. EdgeWalk or the visit to the glass floor.

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