The new hotels in Australia

Australia is a very interesting destination that has a series of hotel projects pending execution.

Australia It is a truly spectacular destination and many people tend to go to this destination throughout the year to discover its best attractions. This interest is also growing with respect to the hotel industry as the big brands want to continue building and opening new hotel establishments in Australia.

Australia received a total of 8.7 million international tourists until OctoberLet us remember that at the end of October the number of visitors was 8.7 million international tourists, a very positive figure because it represents an increase of more than 7.1%, which is an excellent percentage. Tourist spending has also grown notably in Australian lands thanks to tourism, with some 41.2 billion dollars.

One of the most important hotel constructions is the Wanda Vista Hotel, an accommodation that is located on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane. It will be open throughout 2018 and will have 683 rooms, highlighting 171 suites and 512 luxury apartments and residences for the most demanding clients who wish to enjoy themselves in the Australian country.

More hotel establishments

another good hotel establishment in Australia It will be the Surfers Paradise Hotel project, which will open in 2020 and will have 580 rooms for the enjoyment of customers. It is a hotel that will be located on the Gold Coast and will have no less than 48 floors where the rooms and suites.

It is important to keep in mind the Sheraton on the Park as another of the fundamental hotel projects. It will start from 2019 and is located in the city of Sydney. It will have 558 rooms for clients to spend their best vacations and will offer a club lounge so that tourists can enjoy a variety of food and drinks. The views of the city port is one of the attractions.

On the other hand the intercontinental sydney It is another of the hotels that will open shortly in Australian lands, a spectacular hotel with good views from the 509 rooms. It is another outstanding project that is worth keeping in mind and that will help the growth of the tourism sector.

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