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The oldest camera in the world is auctioned for 732,000 euros

Would you be willing to pay all that amount for an old camera?

Having the oldest camera in the world is priceless. And it’s not exactly low. Nothing less than 732,000 euros have been paid for it at an auction held in Vienna. Now, in addition to the oldest, it can boast of being the most expensive.

The first commercial daguerreotype in the world, the precedent of modern photography cameras, was sold this Saturday at auction in Vienna at the stratospheric price of 732,000 euros and thus became the most expensive camera in the world and in history.

“This is the first commercially produced camera. It was created in 1839 following the design of Louis Daguerre by his brother-in-law Alphonse Giroux », explained to Efe Martin Reinhart, head of auctions for the Viennese Westlicht photographic gallery.

The starting price of the auction was 200,000 euros and the amount paid by an anonymous buyer has far exceeded the previous record paid by a camera, also held by Westlicht, when it sold in 2007 for 576,000 euros a daguerreotype made by the Parisian firm Susse freres.

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