The other cities to see in Latvia apart from Riga

If you are going to visit a country like Latvia, you should know that it has many other cities to see apart from its capital, Riga. Here we name the most famous.

Usually when we travel to the Baltic countries and more specifically to Estonia, Latvia and/or Lithuania, we do it to make a route through them and get to know their most important places, especially their capitals. But, to get out of the ordinary, today we are going to stay in just one of them, Latviaand we will meet its most touristic cities beyond Riga, the capital and main city of this small European country.


Jurmala is the spa town of Latvia, to the point that it is not a city as such but a compendium of small tourist centers. Located in the Gulf of Riga and close to the capital, health tourism was already common several centuries ago, and now it is also fashionable for its wide beachideal for practicing water sports.


Another coastal city that is one of the largest in Latvia and has a important sea port. Beyond its beaches, Liepaja is a city very open to arts and culture, especially for musicand counts among its main tourist interests with karostaan abandoned but very interesting old Soviet sea port.


Situated on the northwest coast, Ventspils is a city that has grown over time from a major industrial port to a modern resort. The castle, from whose name the city comes, is its most famous place, although without a doubt the most photographed of this town are the curious colored cow statues.


The Latvians say that Cesis is the city more latvian that there is in Latvia, which is the place where you can best get to know this country. This beautiful inland villa is mainly famous for the remains of its medieval castlefrom the 12th century, and for being the gateway to the Gauja National Parkwhich is undoubtedly one of the main tourist interests of the country.


Valmiera is another of the gateways to the Gauja National Park and the largest city in the Vidzeme region, where the first settlers of Latvia lived. Its historic center has been rebuilt after the Second World War, but there are still traces of its medieval past, such as the castle ruins.


After the capital, Daugavpils is the most populous city in Latvia and a important university center. A city with a peculiar character due to its border situationits best known monument is strengthdating from the 19th century, and its churches can also be highlighted, especially the striking Orthodox cathedral.

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