The perfect canoe ride in Canada

Let’s imagine a lake between ancient forests and mountains with snow-capped peaks, and in its almost unreal blue waters, a canoe advancing. Let’s imagine we are in Canadafloating inside moraine lake…(See the rest of the entry)

juliane schultz

Image kaz k The moraine lake It is inside Banff National Park, in Alberta, Canada. It is one of its incredible places, as much as Peyto Lake, that too perfect one that we visited a while ago. Moraine Lake is located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at almost 2,000 meters above sea level. Its intense blue color is due to the effect of light and the type of sedimentation that floats in the water, coming from the rocks of the mountains. The landscape, between forests, is frequented by hikers, although they are always alerted by the presence of bears. Therefore, nothing is safer than a canoe ride.

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