The pet cafes in Tokyo

Many travelers are shocked by the number of establishments, especially cafes, dedicated to pets in Japan. In fact, have become popular worldwide and they are already beginning to be seen in other countries such as England and Spain.

Although these premises have generated some controversy, especially among associations in favor of animal rights, perhaps it is important to know the reason for the creation of these pet cafes in cities like Tokyo. For this reason, we will tell you not only about some of the best known in the city, but also about its origins and operation.

The Origin of Pet Coffees

One of the main characteristics of Japanese society is respect for rules. The entire community lives completely governed by a strong code of conduct to promote coexistence, whether at home or at work. one of these rules requires residence and apartment owners to prohibit their tenants from having pets.

Mainly, this rule affects cities and overcrowded areas in Japan, where space is limited. In this way, possible annoying noises, odors and other inconveniences that harm the hygiene and conservation of the area are avoided. And so the need arises for some people to interact with animals in large cities.

Copying the first dedicated pet stores in Taiwan City, the first stores were opened in Osaka in 2004. These pet cafes offer the chance to interact with animals while customers relax with a drink or snack.


Its acceptance was such that during the five years following its launch, more than 80 establishments were opened throughout Japan.

These premises meet all hygiene standards established by the health authorities and also the legislation in favor of the rights of animals. The duration of the visit is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the consumption. There are also houses where their owners open areas so that visitors can be with their pets.

The most famous animal cafes in Tokyo

There are many Japanese who, not having the possibility of living near animals, go to these pet cafes. These have special rates for students and seniors. There is also the possibility of acquiring a temporary voucher and even a rate that includes visits for a year.

Nekorobi brown cat

This place is located in the Toshima neighborhood. This recognized as one of the best cafes for cat lovers. The ticket price is around 1,300 yen, that is, less than 10 euros.

During your stay you can have coffee or any other drink and enjoy the company of the cats. In addition, it also has Wi-Fi and computers to do work and surf the net.

Mame Shiba

Another of the most popular pet cafes in Tokyo is the Mame Shiba. in this place customers are greeted by a dozen Shiba Inu dogs. The entrance fee is about 12 euros and, in addition to enjoying the company of these playful animals, you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink.


This place’s main objective is to make known this breed of dog, not yet recognized.

mrs bunny

For rabbit lovers, this café located in the Roppongi neighborhood houses a dozen bunnies and a few hedgehogs. This place has measures to ensure that the animals are not stressed, so they will never let them spend more than 10 minutes with customers. Admission is about 1,000 yen for 30 minutes.

Cafe Baron

Birds at this pet cafe are allowed to fly freely. Patrons can sip coffee and sample owl-themed treats while the birds watch. In this place it is not allowed to touch the animals, but it offers a unique and novel experience compared to other more common places in Tokyo.

Tokyo Snake Center

Finally, in Tokyo also we can find the option to share a table with a snake. Included in the 1,000 yen price is a drink, a snack, and choosing one of the local snakes to stay by our side during your visit.

The reptile is kept inside its transparent terrarium throughout the visit, unless you prefer to have it closer, always at an additional cost.

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