The Philippines continues to interest Spanish tourism

Tourism in the Philippines continues to progress at a good pace, with a large presence of travelers from Spain.

In it Asian continent There are different excellent places where you can enjoy a pleasant vacation and one of them is the Philippines. This is a place that offers different experiences so that all travelers can spend spectacular vacations, from the natural, gastronomic and cultural point of view, which are always factors to take into account.

Tourism advances positively in the Philippines, a destination that Spaniards likeThe tourism sector of Philippines It is going through a really good moment, as it continues to improve year after year and this is something very positive. It is interesting to keep in mind that one of the important markets is Spanish, as it continues to grow. Until November of last year, some 33,096 tourists from Spain came to the Philippines to enjoy a vacation, an increase of 16.6%.

It is an excellent data and it is one of the markets of Europe that needs to be strengthened since it can still continue advancing in the coming years thanks to the interest of travelers from this continent to discover the Philippine charms.

More tourism in the Philippines

It is an excellent area since many travelers have the possibility of enjoying watersports very pleasant as is the case of diving. It is one of the paradises thanks to which they can discover different animals such as sea turtles, reef fish, whale sharks, frog fish, among other marine creatures that can be seen.

Besides the sun and beach tourism It is one of the options for tourists to sunbathe in complete peace, practice water sports and discover natural corners. One of the most emblematic places continues to be, for example, Boracay, Parrilacan, Bohol, Honda Bay, among other places of reference to visit on vacation throughout the year.

It is interesting to keep in mind good gastronomy, where the variety of products and dishes is truly spectacular. Fresh seafood, Asian and Hispanic ingredients make fusion one of the hallmarks of Philippine cuisine. In this way, it is expected that the tourism sector will continue to improve, a place that is liked by European tourists and Asian travelers.

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