The province of Castellón: the pearl of the Mediterranean

Located north of the Valencian Community, the province of Castellón has been and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain. With more than 120 kilometers of beaches, an extraordinary gastronomy and beautiful natural spaces, it also has wonderful corners and an always interesting cultural offer.

We travel to the land of orange trees, the sea breeze and the purest Mediterranean flavor. Let yourself be enveloped by the aroma of orange blossom, the saline taste and the special light of this destination. This is a land with character and deep roots that sink into history, that you can still feel pounding hard with every step.

The beaches of Castellón

North Beach of Peñíscola

Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches along its entire coast. The beaches of the province of Castellón have waters of extraordinary qualityas well as their services. Many of them have the blue flag awarded by the European Environmental Foundation.

Here we can enjoy great family beaches. But there are also hidden coves bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean that retain medicinal properties. From Vinaroz to Almenara the offer is enormous. We discover some of them.

La Caracola beach, in Benicarló, is one of the most beautiful beaches. The natives call this area “the yolk of the egg”, and they are not without reason. It is located in a semi-urban area, a privileged place for its well-cared environment.

Like the Peñíscola beach, which is just a short walk from the previous one. Peñíscola is, without a doubt, the jewel of these Valencian lands. And its North Beach does the honors as it should. It is five kilometers long and has fabulous views of the castle.

If you prefer to be closer to Castellón capital, look for the beaches in Benicàssim. Popularly known as the Valencian Biarritz, its crowded beaches and its special orography make this small town a wonderful place.

The interior of the province of Castellón

Castle of Morella

Castellón is the second most mountainous province in the country. The interior of Castellón deserves time to take it easy. And it is that it hides some of the most beautiful towns in the Spanish geography.

Special mention must be made of Morella, capital of the Els Ports region. The entire city is a living witness to the history of these lands. If you visit Castellón in winter, you can sunbathe on its beaches and enjoy the snow in Morella, just a few kilometers away.

Also, you will find beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Irta or Espadán mountains. The latter has locations of hot springs and fantastic spas.

Tinença de Benifassà is the region that offers the most active tourism. While, in the Maestrazgo the offer in monumental art is extraordinary. Many inland towns have very interesting ceramic museums. And in Montanejos you can bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Mijares River.

The history

Peniscola Castle

The regions of Castellón treasure the historical and artistic heritage of all the civilizations that left their mark on these lands since the Neolithic. All this history has shaped a unique personality. The set of rock art in the Mediterranean is probably the largest in Europe.

The castle of Peñíscola, Templar, and residence of Pope Luna, is one of the enclaves that must be visited. Its perfect state of conservation stands out. In addition, within its walls countless cultural and artistic activities are carried out.

We have also already mentioned Morella, a fortified town worth visiting from one end to the other. We have another unavoidable visit in the sanctuary of the Virgin of Balma. This is a very curious place, which in time was a place of devotion for women considered “possessed”.

The gastronomy of the province of Castellón

Valencian paella

When we talk about eating in Castellón we tread alchemical ground. It is said that Castellón has three great natural pantries: its orchards, its sea and its mountains. Its offer is very varied, from fresh seafood to delicacies from its gardens, mushrooms, truffles, cheeses, wines…

But for the gourmets, rice dishes, in all their versions, are the quintessence of good eating. They say that the best rice dishes in the country have the stamp of Castellón, and it is not for less. Rice in Castellón is not just a dish, it is a whole culture.


L’engravá de l’horta, arroz a banda, paella or rice with lobster. This land knows, like no other, how to put its own accent on rice.

Visit the extraordinary province of Castellón. It never ceases to amaze. There is always something to see or do. An ideal destination to combine rest and tourism. Its people are wonderful and warm, always willing to make you feel at home. And when you come, be careful, because it is a place you will never want to leave.

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