The Radisson Blu Hotel, the new hotel in Timisoara

The new hotel in Romania is coming, the Radisson Blue Hotel which will open in Timisoara in 2020.

Romania is gradually improving in terms of tourism, a country that is consolidating in this sector and that allows the country to continue growing in the number of travelers. That is why the large hotel chains are interested in building new hotels in romanian lands with the aim of offering customers new alternatives.

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Timisoara will open in 2020Radisson Blue Hotel in Timisoara it will be the next hotel establishment, the first of this brand in Romanian lands. It will be inaugurated in 2020 and will be located in an excellent area for sightseeing, specifically in the isho neighborhood inside this romanian city. The administration will be carried out by The Rezidor Hotel Group and is one of the most anticipated novelties.

It is interesting to take into account that it is a hotel in which different spacious spaces will be offered so that customers can enjoy a good vacation. It is expected to be an excellent accommodation for couples looking for a leisure vacation or for business trips, which is another essential segment for the country to move forward positively.

Hotel facilities

Inside the facilities of the future hotel you can enjoy 160 spacious and spectacular bedrooms for the enjoyment of all customers, in addition to offering different services such as a gym where tourists can exercise throughout the day. Meeting space will be another feature, along with the restaurant and bar.

The location close to the old town timisoara It is an excellent opportunity to promote tourism and for tourists to get to know the different monuments and landmarks. It can become one of the great incentives for visitors to take into account these facilities of the new hotel.

Without a doubt, having high-quality hotels is something interesting for Romania to continue to improve as a tourist destination. In this case timisoara It can be one of the reference options for travelers to take into account the city, much more so with this new hotel so that visitors can enjoy an excellent vacation getting to know this booming area of ​​the Romanian country.

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