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The robust shell of the snail ‘Crysomallon’ inspiration for many

Every time we take a look at the creation we are amazed. For example, this week in a science magazine the characteristics of the snail of the ‘Crysomallon’ species were published and that can inspire the manufacture of objects for body protection, among others.


The natural armor of this snail protects it from predators and helps it maintain its hydration. At the same time that it carries, it feeds, moves and reproduces with such comfort that it does not represent a hindrance to it.

The spiral shell structure of ‘Crysomallon squamiferum’ has three layers, which makes it different from other mollusks. Each layer is made up of different materials that provide different advantages. the external part It is made up of iron sulfide particles. the one in the middle It is organic material and the innermost it is a calcified layer. These materials allow it to resist penetration and mitigate fractures if they do occur.

And it is that this snail is used to dealing with the predators that lie in wait for it in a difficult marine environment. It was found near hydrothermal areas in the Indian Ocean, where the water temperature is high. Likewise, there is acidity and intense contrasts of cold and heat are produced, which the snail can bear thanks to the action of the organic layer, which helps regulate its temperature.

This study reveals that the shell of the snail allows it to absorb the mechanical energy of animals that try to attack it. The shell has inspired the development of more effective helmets and protection systems for athletes as well as more resistant materials for car and motorcycle armor. In the construction sector, these particularly strong materials could be used to make pipes that have to withstand abrasion and rock penetration. According to the researchers, the aircraft industry could also take advantage of the snail’s strong shell.

A marvel of Creation…

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