The Route of the Footbridges of Montfalcó, adventure in Huesca

The province of Huesca has many natural attractions that can be enjoyed and that have been reinforced with walkways and artificial paths in the rock.

The fans of hiking trails they are always looking for a bigger challenge, something that gives them more adventure and a bigger challenge. That is why there are more and more routes that offer more difficulty and a different experience for the most daring. In Huesca, in an area bordering Lleida, is the Route of the Montfalcó Footbridgesa 4-kilometer route that runs along the walls of several cliffs and is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo.

The route starts at the Montfalcó hostel. This is located about 15 kilometers from the town of viacamp and it is accessed by a fairly rough road that is best done with a 4×4 vehicle. The shelter allows overnight stays and offers sustainable accommodation for fans of this type of route.

The footbridges of Montfalcó

The route it has a length of about 4 kilometersso when doing it complete with round trip, supposes 8 kilometers. From the hostel you start down a slight descent that runs 600 meters and reaches the only spring you will find on the route. So it’s time fill the water bottle and do not forget this important provisioning.

After this first section comes the first section of footbridges, which ascend 33 meters through 139 steps. It is one of the most daring footbridges in Spain and they are extremely narrow. at rest points you can overtake those who go slower or those who go downdoing the tour in reverse.

Mont Rebei Route

As soon as we get over this first ascent, we come across the second section of footbridges. In this case, 159 steps and a 50-meter climb await us, so from the top there are exceptional views of the area. It can also be seen the Congost de Siegué bridge. You can continue a little more and it is time to turn back to the hostel or continue with the second part of this route, which changes its name to Route of the Congost de Mont-Rebei.

This route starts from Congost de Siegué suspension bridge and once you cross you enter the province of Lleida. Crossing the bridge is also only suitable for the most daring, as it moves slightly and passes over the Canelles reservoir. Kayaks and other sports boats run through it, creating an unbeatable postcard.

Then we enter the area of Congost de Mont-Rebei, a path about two kilometers that is excavated in stone and that goes over the reservoir itself. The strait has areas where it does not reach more than about 40 meters, so creates an incredible picture that can be enjoyed from this impressive path.

A curiosity is that you can return to the Montfalcó hostel using a kayak, although for this it is better to reserve it at the hostel itself before starting the route, because it is possible that they will all be occupied when we arrive in that area. Otherwise, you have to walk back and you must have that time to safely complete the entire route.

This is the location of the Montfalcó hostel, the starting point of the route from Huesca.

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