The safest cities in the world in 2018

The safest cities in the world are disclosed taking into account different aspects.

Today it is essential to enjoy a vacation in a safe city, something essential so that couples and families can spend some very suggestive days throughout the year. Taking into account the safest destinations is something that can help tourists to have greater peace of mind when traveling.

Tokyo is currently the safest city in the world, a positive for tourismIt has been evaluated in each of the different cities categories to be able to classify the destinations from the most to the least safe. Among these categories, it is important to highlight digital security, health, infrastructures and personal security. The highest score is from Tokyo, a Japanese city that allows travelers to enjoy a very safe vacation.

In the top positions we find other Asian cities such as Singapore and Osaka, places where the well-being of tourists is taken into account and for this reason it is intended to provide the greatest possible security for the holidays. In addition, destinations like Toronto in Canada and Melbourne in Australia are places where visitors usually feel calm.

Spanish cities

Amsterdam is the safest European city and ranks sixth thanks to the good work that has been done over the last few years to offer tourists and citizens security guarantees, which is essential.

Within Spain There are some very prominent cities in terms of security, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in positions 12 and 13. They are two of the leading European destinations and are usually liked for their great temperatures during the summer, beaches in the case of Barcelona and cultural proposals.

Certainly more and more travelers tend to look for safe destinations. That is why the governments of each city are usually interested in offering the best guarantees to attract more visitors throughout the year.

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