The sanctuary of Our Lady of Tíscar in Jaén

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Tíscar is a unique space in the province of Jaén. It is located in a steep area, guarded by an old Muslim fortress and watered by the Tíscar River, which gives rise to a spectacular natural space in which the so-called Cueva del Agua develops. A magical environment that you should know. Can you come with us?

the village ofThe sanctuary of Our Lady of Tíscar

Tíscar is a small village located 13 kilometers from the town of Quesada, to which it belongs administratively. It is located in the region of Alto Guadalquivir and stands out for the beauty of the natural environment and for the buildings and places that surround it.

in this little village we find a castle from the Muslim period, the sanctuary of the Virgin and the Cueva del Agua. To get to Tíscar you have to go along the Pozo Alcón road and take the port of Tíscar. Another option is to go from Quesada.

Hundreds of pilgrims flock to it who, during the night before the first and last Sunday in September, walk kilometers of paths to reach the sanctuary and celebrate Holy Mass in honor of the Virgin.

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Tíscar

Sanctuary – Ziegler175 / Wikimedia Commons

The origin of the current temple dedicated to the Virgin of Tíscar dates back to the 16th century. It is a robust building made with local golden stone that makes an impact both on the outside and inside. Although, the current image is the result of the reconstruction made after the damage caused during the Civil War.

open to a square, the entrance to the sanctuary is through a sober portal in which is the Virgin of Tíscar carved in stone. A door that opens into a hall to the left of which opens the door of the church. There, at the head, the small image of the Virgin awaits its pilgrims. The altarpiece in which it is found was painted in the Byzantine style by Francisco Baños Martos.

Next to the temple, and united in L, the construction continues with the parish house. It is a space that is joined by an arch to the rock that protects the entire sanctuary and on which the castle of Peña Negra rises majestically. Thus, the sanctuary of Our Lady of Tíscar was protected by all that flank.

The castle of the Peña Negra

It is a small fortification that rises in the highest part of the Peña Negra. To get to it you have to go up a small slope that is next to the houses of the village, in the vicinity of the sanctuary square. His origin is Muslim and it must have extended through a wall to the area where the sanctuary is located.

During years attempted rehabilitation and suitability for public visit. An intervention that has never been completed, but which established an important access by means of metal stairs through which you can climb to the top.

From the top you will contemplate the wonder of this natural environment and the beauty of the landscape of olive trees that populate the province of Jaén. You will also be able to see up close the impressive keep of this castle.

the water cave

In the lower area of ​​the Tíscar sanctuary, and a little before reaching it, you will find directions to the Cueva del Agua. It is a cave of natural origin in which waterfalls will surprise you. To enter it you have to crouch down a tunnel through which, in addition, a ditch passes.

When you finish touring it, an immense space will open up where you can contemplate this wonder of nature. Inside, There are several stairs that will take you to the different levels that Cueva del Agua has. There are walkways and nooks and crannies worth admiring everywhere.

And on one of its walls you can see the protagonist of the village. high up, a small image of the Virgin of Tíscar is venerated by pilgrims and devotees. They put candles and leave offerings in thanks or in request for help. For this reason, it is common to see photographs, hair ties, photocopies of driving licenses, etc.

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