The scenes of ‘Star Wars’ in Tunisia

the saga of starwars It is already cinema history, one of the great milestones of the seventh art and its followers are millions all over the world. Anything that is linked to the films that George Lucas devised a few decades ago generates interest among his fans.. And of course, that is applicable to the natural settings where it was filmed. There, Tunisia, in North Africa, occupies a prominent place.

cinema and tourism

The relationship between cinema and tourism is increasingly close. There are many movie sets that have later become tourist destinations. In some cases, they are real places that appear just as they are on movie screens, such as the Notting Hill neighborhood in London, where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant fell in love.

And in other cases they can be places that have inspired scenarios or that have been completely transformed for the occasion. These are movie locations straddling reality and fiction. And of course, that is a balance in which they have managed like never before in the different episodes of starwars.

scenarios of starwars

Tamerza Canyon

Many times, the futuristic environments of starwars have been based on real natural spaces, such as the nonte Etna in Sicily or the Sequoia National Park in California. And on other occasions they are surprisingly changed historical places for filming, either with real props or with digital simulations, as is the case with the Plaza de España in Seville.

Nevertheless, if there is a place from the beginning of the saga related to the filming of starwars that’s tunisia. So far we go to know some of the scenarios in which it was filmed.

Tourism in Tunisia

The truth is this North African country has many charms to attract travelersstarting with its magnificent coastline on the shores of the Mediterranean that offers great hotels and wide beaches.

And furthermore, in the Tunisian territory and very close to that coast there are archaeological sites of great interest, since the Carthaginian culture took place in this country and then the Romans passed through here.

But much, much later, different troops passed through here: the rebels and the imperial ones from starwars, or what is the same, the people of the Hollywood cinema. They In 1977 they took advantage of several places in Tunisia to film scenes for the first film in the saga, the Episode IV. They would later return for subsequent deliveries. And all this has become another tourist attraction.

Star Wars in Tunisia

Town of Matmata

The truth is that George Lucas fell in love with Tunisia, so much so that he invented a planet called Tatooine, inspired by it.. And until then he went to shoot. In some cases it was done with hardly any transformation, as in the Salt Lake or Chott el Jerid, over which Luke Skywalker flies with his hovercraft.

Just as it did not transform a place like the Tozeur ravine. The most famous androids in the history of cinema wandered around lost: C3PO and R2D2.

Instead, other filming locations starwars were built in Tunisia for filming, such as the city of Mos Espa or the Gran de los Lars, also in the Tozeur area. And on the island of Djerba, the canteen where Han Solo, Chebwacca and Skywalker met for the first time was recreated, although today it is in ruins.

But the Tunisian scenes of starwars. The Granda de los Lars was set in the excavated cave village of Matmata. As well as Anakin Skywalker’s home was in some authentic Berber ksars of Hadada and Medenini.

Ultimately, what the biggest fans of starwars Tunisia should be listed as a possible holiday destination. And the rest, waiting for trips to space to be made, can always travel to these very special scenarios.

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