The Secret Gardens of Saratoga in New York

Today we travel to Saratoga County, in upstate New York. This enclave is located about a three-hour drive from New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Montreal. It is a tourist destination that works magnificently as a winter adventure. Also as a romantic getaway or for a summer vacation.

People travel to Saratoga for several reasons: the mineral water springs, the horse races, the history of the area and the visit to its private gardens. You will find a wide range of rural inns and bed&breakfast with a historical character. Also many places to eat, have a fun night out and places for family fun.

But one of its charms is not so well known: the tour of its secret gardens. We will visit five of them, located in four spectacular locations in the state of Saratoga: Saratoga Springs, Charlton, Middle Grove and Schuylerville

Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Springs has long been a major tourist destination. The city’s beautifully preserved spectacular Victorian architecture is the key to its appeal. Horses are another of the characteristic elements, whether to see them run at the racetrack or attend a polo match.

Saratoga’s suburbs are rich in history and architecture. On the east side are nearly 400 buildings representing a wide variety of 19th and 20th century architectural styles. In this county of the state of New York we find two wonderful secret gardens.

collins garden

This beautiful private garden is surrounded by woods. The garden is the fruit of twenty-five years of work and planning by its owners, Susan and Ted Collins.

It is characterized by its shady fern gardens and walkways lined with gorgeous flowers, ornamental grasses and evergreens. It has a fantastic greenhousea waterfall and a viewpoint.

Sarah Patterson’s Garden

A garden that has evolved a lot in the last ten years. A quiet place to enjoy while wandering its paths. In it, trees and small shrubs are masterfully combined. All mixed with vines, ferns and other perennials. It is the pride of its owner, who does all the work himself.

Shades of Green, Charlton, New York

Charlton is a small town with some great views. It features old dairies and historic churches. Located just minutes from cultural and recreational sites such as the city of Albany and the famous Saratoga Springs area. In Charlton we find another fantastic garden, the Shades of Green.

Shades of Green it is a wonderful garden in the forest. It has shaded benches where you can relax and listen to the birds. In this peaceful country setting there are many hidden treasures among the hundreds of different varieties of shade-loving perennials.

It is ideal for bringing lunch because it has picnic tables. You can pay a visit to buy one of the many plants available or simply go in search of inspiration.

Dalton Garden in Middle Grove

Another small population in the Saratoga woods. It is 50 minutes from Lake George and Albany. Middle Grove is home to Dalton Garden, another of the private gardens on this tour of upstate New York. The garden surrounds the whole house.

This spectacular garden is a nature forest with large collections of native plants and miniature trees. The statues are interestingurns and other decorations that reflect the theme of the area in which they are located.

“The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.”

-Gertrude Jekyll-

Fiddle-i-fee-Farm, Schuylerville, New York

Schuylerville preserves beautiful horse farms, a great dedication to agriculture and dairy production. It has splendid places to visit. From the Saratoga National Historical Park, to the home of General Schuyler or the beautiful Saratoga Monument.

Schuylerville offers a wonderful glimpse into history. There is a plethora of things to see and do here. Like another of our secret gardens: the Fiddle-i-fee-Farm. It is a beautiful garden within a farma mix of fields, forests and wetlands, with views to the east of Vermont and to the north of the Adirondack Mountains.

It has a beautiful meadow and an orchard. A large informal garden stretches around a stylish house arts and craftsfrom where you can appreciate all this wonder of nature.

The garden overlooks the Hudson Valley and extends over the hills of Washington County to the Taconic Mountains. The owners want to preserve the property for agriculture, forests and as an environmental buffer for the Hudson River.

If you are dreaming of a different trip, full of magic and nature in its purest form, you will enjoy this destination. Visits to the private gardens have become a must of tourism in the United States. Our advice is that you do not miss the opportunity to visit them.

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