The Seven Wonders of Russia

Although Russia is the largest country in the world, they have been able to summarize its monuments and places of interest in this list of Seven Wonders.

Russia It is such a vast and immense country, in fact it is the biggest of the world in extension and with almost twice as many square kilometers as the second on the list, which seems like an arduous task to me to choose which are the best places in the country and reduce that list to seven. But they did that years ago, through a popular vote, choosing seven places as the Seven Wonders of Russiawhich we will introduce to you below.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow

If it were necessary to choose a monument that would identify all of Russia, the safest and most likely choice would be in most cases Saint Basil’s Cathedral or, failing that, its colorful bulbous domes. Although Moscow has a lot of cathedrals, this one is consecrated to Saint Basil, and built on the tomb of this saint in the middle of Red Square, is the most famous and recognizable although it is not the main seat of the Orthodox Church in the Russian capital. He got up in the middle of the century XVIin the time of Ivan the Terrible, who is said to have blinded the architect who designed it so that he would never do something so beautiful again, a legend that has been proven to be such but still endures over time.

Lake Baikal

Located in Siberia, we would say that it is a record lake. To begin with, it is designated as the first lake on Earth. The lake is in extension largest in the Asian continent and ranks fifth on that list globally. Besides, it should be noted that it is considered the lake deepest in the world, since it exceeds 1500 meters deep in some places. And so things are, being so large and deep, the large amount of water it has is the largest freshwater reservoir in the world. In 1996, UNESCO included it in the list of World Heritage Sites.

Mamaev Kurgan

The Battle of Staligrando is one of the most famous episodes of World War II on the Russian front, and the struggle to gain control of Mamayev Kurgan hill left a huge number of victims. Today, on that hill from which the entire city can be glimpsed, which today is called Volvogradpays tribute to the victory of the Soviet army in that battle, highlighting above all the sculpture called Motherland. The monument, which was once the largest statue in the world with 85 meters of height, beyond being an iconic place, it impresses.

Valley of Geysers

The Kronotsky Nature Reserve It is a natural area that is located on the peninsula of Kamchatka and that was added as a World Heritage Site, along with other surrounding parks, within the category of Volcanoes of Kamtchatka. Although, what concerns us now are not volcanoes but another unusual geological phenomenon: geysers. in the call Valley of Geysers The second largest concentration of these hot springs is found, almost a hundred of them, which tourists can glimpse from the air, in helicopter tours.

Mam-Pupu-Nyor rock formations

We are located in a region called the Komi Republic and within a natural park, that of Pechora Illich, which is also protected as a World Heritage Site due to its virgin forests. Although what concerns us now is a place devoid of vegetation, a mountain called Mam-Pupu-Nyor and in which seven great stone figures stand out, seven large natural monoliths (over 30 meters high) that are called the Seven Strong Men or simply the Seven Giants, which for the Mansi, the indigenous people of the area, are sacred figures.

The Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg was the residence of the Tsars

Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg

The Historic Center of the city St. Petersburg It is recognized as a World Heritage Site, and the main monument is the so-called Peterhof Palace. Built at the beginning of the 18th century under the mandate of Peter Iwho decided to create a new city to establish his capital there, was from its origin the residence of the tsars until 1918, after the revolution that overthrew this government regime, which became a museum and today a major tourist attraction. In addition to the great palace, the complex is made up of other smaller palaces and enormous Versailles-style gardens.

Mount Elbrus

If to the east the Ural Mountains mark the border between Europe and Asia, to the south the mountain range of the caucasus mountains they perform the same function, apart from the real border between Russia and Georgia. In Russian territory, and therefore within Europe, there is Mount Elbrusthat with their 5624 meters tall is the highest peak of the old continent, which makes it a place of worship for mountaineers and climbers despite its perpetual snow and tremendous blizzards, so it is only advisable to try it during a specific time of summer.

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