The seven wonders of the community of Madrid

The community of Madrid is full of places to visit, and in this article you will discover what the Seven Wonders of this region are.

Just as there are the Seven Wonders of the ancient world or the modern world, in many places there have been votes to decide what their own Seven Wonders would be. And on this occasion, we deal with those who earned the honor of being the Seven Wonders of the Community of Madrid. We would like you to read the article and give us your opinion if you agree or if you think something is missing from the list.

Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial

The El Escorial Monastery is a site that reached the category of World Heritage in 1984. It was built in the 16th century, under the reign of Philip II and it is a huge complex that includes two royal palaces, gardens, a monastery in which its library stands out, and the basilica, where the Royal Crypt or Pantheon of Kings is located, with the tombs of more than twenty kings and queens. For the visit we recommend time to fully enjoy it.

Prado Museum

The Prado Museum It is the largest art gallery in Spain and one of the best museums in the world, always present also among the most visited. Indispensable works by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, Tiziano or Rubens can be visited in this museum that has recently completed two hundred years of historyalthough the building that houses it, designed by Juan Villanueva, is a few years older.

Madrid’s royal palace

The Royal Palacein Madrid, is the official residence of the kings of Spain, although currently the building is only used for some acts and ceremonies and most of the time is open to visitors. Also known as the Palacio de Oriente, it was built in the century XVIII after the old Alcázar burned down and was destroyed, King Carlos III inaugurated its rooms.

University of Alcala de Henares

In 1499 Cardinal Cisneros founded the University of Alcala de Henaresthe Complutense, a place that was the center of education in Spain and through whose classrooms names would pass illustrious of our letters and sciences. In 1998 they were declared as World Heritage the historic buildings such as the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso, today the headquarters of the rectorate of the new University of Alcalá.

Cultural landscape of Aranjuez

in the village of Aranjuezlocated in the extreme south of Madrid, you can find a place considered since 2001 World Heritage, and which is known as the Cultural Landscape. It is a series of places like the Royal Palacethe numerous gardens and tree-lined walks, as well as the historic center of the town and its peculiar architectural layout.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid is one of the nerve centers of the city

Plaza Mayor of Madrid

The Main Square of the Spanish capital is one of its neuralgic points. Although of earlier origin, its current appearance dates from the century XVI and it begins with the construction of the building known as Casa de la Panadería. The statue of Philip IIIunder whose reign the plaza ends, or the Knifemen’s Archthe most famous of the ten entrances to the square, are other well-known places in it.

Main Square of Chinchon

Chinchon is a Madrid town located to the southeast of the community, which surely almost all of us know by anise of the same name. Its old town has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and in it stands out the main squareone of the best examples of arcaded squares and popular architecture in our country, as well as one of the most beautiful.

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