The sky adorned by hot air balloons in Cappadocia

The one that we will describe next is a region that is located in the center of a volcanic zone in Anatolia, Turkey. This place is one of the best known, visited and photographed in the country, since the famous fairy chimneys and hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia give amazing views that make anyone fall in love.

Cappadocia is a place full of charm, thanks to the rock formations that, capriciously, have acquired very particular shapes. In addition, it is a region full of beautiful monasteries, mosques and houses. In fact, its natural and cultural importance have placed it as a World Heritage Site for UNESCO. Meet this fantastic site!

The beautiful fairy chimneys

Before going on to tell you about the incredible adventure of flying in a hot air balloon, you should know why it is so magical to fly over this region, since no views like everywhere else.

As we said, Cappadocia is located in a volcanic region. Volcanoes, wind, rain and ice over millions of years have shaped this region, which encompasses parts of Kayseri, Aksaray, Niğde and Nevşehir provinces.

The “fairy chimneys” —as their inhabitants began to name them— are rock formations that emerged as the landscape eroded. The basalt stones remained, and this is how these conical structures were formedsome of which can measure up to 45 meters.

Also, it is surprising to know that the hand of man has added charm to the rocks, since they have excavated many of them and built houses, churches and more than 250 underground cities.

The mythical legend of fairy chimneys

If you are going to fly over these magnificent formations, you must know a legend about them. It is said that in Cappadocia fairies and humans lived together in the same place, but they did not cross, they did not relate. One day, one of the fairies fell in love with a man, something that should not happen.

The fairy queen, dismayed by what happened, he turned all men into rocks in the shape of chimneys. For his part, he turned the fairies into doves, and for this reason there are many pigeons flying around the chimneys. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful and poetic story about this land full of charm.

The sky covered by hot air balloons in Cappadocia

Observing the geological formations sculpted by nature in Cappadocia is amazing from any point of view. Nevertheless, the experience becomes more adventurous and incredible if you fly in the famous hot air balloons which, together with the sky and the formations, turn into a beautiful postcard setting.

Brief history of hot air balloons in Cappadocia

The French Montgolfier brothers had a paper mill. One day they designed and carried out a new model that was a mixture of paper and silk. When it started to burn, they noticed that the bits and ashes were beginning to rise. They then deduced that if they could capture the air that lifted the paper, man could fly.

Said and done, they set out to accomplish this and became known as the creators of the hot air balloon. However, there was already some background on the principle of hot air lift.

Cappadocia made huge investments to become the center of hot air ballooning in Turkey. Today, it attracts and is home to more than 450,000 tourists, making this region number one in activity. Hot air balloons were not born in Turkey, and yet this country has taken advantage of the most colorful aerial vehicles to decorate its sky.

What you should know about hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia

If you go to Cappadocia, you cannot miss the experience of taking a ride in a hot air balloon. As the balloon rises, the excitement and adrenaline rise too. Hundreds of meters away, the ocher tones of the eroded rocks provide fantastic views. High up, the sky is filled with the happy colors that they bring.

Osman, one of the Kapadokya Balloons pilots, told the magazine National Geographic that it is necessary to book well in advance —ideally a few weeks earlier. During the winter, a few days in advance is enough, since the season is low; this means that there is little demand.

More than 20 companies are those that offer these flight services, of which the vast majority —or it could be said that even all— pick up tourists at their hotels. In the center of the valley is Göreme, the city from which hot air balloon flights depart..

Osman goes on to say that the flights take just over an hour and are around $200 per person. The balloons can hold up to 20 people and rise hundreds of meters. Some can even reach up to 1000 meters.

The extra touch of “magic” occurs due to the time in which the flights depart. The ascent to the balloon begins even at night, almost an hour before dawn. When the dawn breaks, they begin to rise and the reddish tones can be observed with which the beautiful natural formations and constructions are dyed. Also, dozens of balloons rise at the same time.

an amazing flight

Flying through the skies of Cappadocia is truly fascinating. Even at night, you can now get on the balloon basket to wait with all the excitement for the ascent at dawn..

In Cappadocia everything is incredible: ballooning, sunrise and the incredible views of the unique rock formations, along with the incredible constructions of the houses, mosques and monasteries. Go to this beautiful place in Turkey and live the exceptional experience of seeing a sky adorned by hot air balloons.

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