The spectacular revolving restaurant in the Swiss Alps built thanks to James Bond

In 1963 Ian Fleming published his tenth novel in the series. James Bond. In it the evil leader of the criminal organization SPECTERErnst Stavro Blofeld, had his lair in a clinic located on top of Piz Gloria, an imaginary mountain located near Saint Moritz.

Six years later, the production company Eon began preparations to shoot what would be its sixth film in the saga, 007 In Her Majesty’s Service, the only one starring George Lazenby after Sean Connery resigned from playing the famous spy again.

After three weeks scouting locations for the film, producer Hubert Fröhlich found that a restaurant was being built on top of the Schilthorn.

The Piz Gloria on the summit of the Schilthorn / photo Yessuitus2001 on Wikimedia Commons

The Schilthorn is a peak in the Bearnese Prealps in Switzerland, with an altitude of 2,970 meters. This is not in itself too spectacular, but the verticality of the mountain and the panoramic view from there is something else. Within sight are the Titlis, the Jungfrau, the Mönch, the Eiger and, weather permitting, Mont Blanc.

The production company offered to contribute financially to the completion of the building and the construction of the turntable on which it would sit, if they were granted exclusive rights to shoot the film.

Said and done. There was located the clinic from which Bond manages to escape by skiing down the slope, in one of the most famous scenes of the film.

The restaurant was built with prefabricated materials, due to topographical and climatic difficulties. The lower platform, about 15 meters in diameter, incorporates a mechanism that makes it rotate 360 ​​degrees in about 55 minutes, allowing all customers to enjoy the impressive views.

At the end of filming, the restaurant retained the name Piz Gloria taken from the film, and opened up to the public by acknowledging and exploiting his connection to James Bond.

Aerial view of Piz Gloria / photo otterboris on Panoramio

In fact, on the lower floor you can visit an exhibition dedicated to 007, whose inauguration was attended by George Lazenby himself in 2015. In 1990 its capacity was expanded to 400 diners.

To get to Piz Gloria it is necessary to take several cable cars starting from Stechelberg.

Birg intermediate station, from where the last funicular to the summit of the Schilthorn departs / photo Jack3 on Wikimedia Commons

The last section leaves from the Birg intermediate station, at an altitude of 2,684 meters, located for the enjoyment of adventure lovers on the very edge of the peak of the same name.

The honor of being the highest revolving restaurant in the world goes to Allalin, located at the top of Saas-Fee, also in Switzerland, at 3,500 meters.

But without a doubt, the Piz Gloria has a greater mythomaniac appeal.


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