The sweet Street of Sweets in Puebla

In Puebla we find ourselves with the possibility of visiting the famous Calle de los Dulces, an emblematic place that is well worth it.

Throughout the holidays it is interesting to enjoy great destinations such as Puebla, a Mexican city that is well worth keeping in mind so that couples and families can discover all its attractions. It is an area with history where museums are among the preferences of travelers.

The Calle de los Dulces is one of the most emblematic places in PueblaWithin this city we can enjoy recommendable places such as the Sweets Street, an excellent area for those with a sweet tooth to have the chance to enjoy the sweets that are offered inside. It is also known as Calle de Santa Clara, because right on this site we find an old convent of Clarisas nuns.

Precisely the origin of the name is due to the fact that the nuns They have been preparing sweets and different products since the 18th century and it has become a spectacular area to enjoy these traditional and delicious preparations. Over time it has been consolidated and has been a way of attracting new travelers.

Sweet alternatives

Of course you should not stop trying the famous Santa Clara cakes, in addition to being able to buy different sweets, cookies, eggnogs, among other options such as cocadas, borrachitos, gullets, among other delicacies that visitors who come to this area find. from Mexico.

Altogether we find 40 stores where we can enter and see the wide variety of products on offer to choose the ones that interest us. It is a complementary option to museums, gastronomy and visits to natural areas of this highly desirable Mexican destination.

It is important to keep in mind that the hours to be able to shop for sweets in this popular Puebla street It is from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is perfect to get a good taste in your mouth, learn about the best traditions of the land and take home a beautiful memory of your visit to Mexico.

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