The towns in Tuscany that you should visit on vacation

Tuscany in Italy offers travelers a series of fabulous charming towns that you must visit to enjoy a complete vacation.

When traveling around Italy it is interesting to keep in mind a very emblematic area such as the Tuscanyvery popular thanks to the fact that it invites you to relax on vacation and enjoy a series of natural, cultural and gastronomic charms that allow travelers to have a very complete and truly suggestive trip for couples.

Montepulciano It is one of those towns in Tuscany that you should visit, interesting for its beautiful views and because it still preserves old buildings such as its 17th century cathedral, its historic center and the Communal Palace with the Gothic-style façade, which are some of the attractions of the area.

Pienza It is another of those pleasant destinations to escape within Italy. It was the place where Pope Pius II was born, as well as having different emblematic buildings such as the Renaissance-style cathedral, the Piccolomini Palace or Borgia Palacewhich are the most important and are usually protagonists for tourists.

Of course Pitigliano It is another of those charming towns, located in the middle of the mountains and offering spectacular views. You can see different medieval and Renaissance buildings. It is perfect for those looking for a quiet place when traveling around Italy.

Volterra It is another town in Tuscany that you should take into account, where they still maintain different vestiges of the medieval period, of the Romans and even of the Etruscans. It is almost like a living sanctuary and you can enjoy the ruins of Velathri, as well as different towers and palaces made of alabaster.

Another recommendation is Anghiari, a quiet and truly spectacular place. This was where the Florentines who were allied with the Holy See faced the hosts of Milan, a battle of the utmost importance. Different buildings are still maintained, such as the Pretorio Palace or the Abandía de San Bartolomeo.

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