The true origin of Halloween

Learn about the true origin of Halloween in the Celtic traditions of Ireland, a different story from what we have been told.

The halloween holiday it is coming and there are many wrong beliefs about it. One of them is that she does not have origins in the United States and lThe current customs have nothing to do with those that were held at that timesince it has been evolving to a much more commercial day.

Halloween has its origin in the celtic culture and was called All Hallow’s Eve, moment before All Saints’ Day. According to traditions, it is a day in which the world of the living and the dead is more connected than ever. It started in Ireland, but the immigrants who arrived in the United States continued this festival on American soil.

They used to have a dinner on Halloween that consisted of basic products such as potatoes, cabbage, onions, among others. Also the typical fruit cake or cake barnbrack. One of the curiosities is that she used to hide different objects such as a coin, a ring and a rag, as is done with the roscón de reyes.

We all associate Halloween with the pumpkin or Jack O’Lantern., but the truth is that the Irish started with hollowed turnips. These turnips with lights were placed in the windows and thought that the soul of the wandering blacksmith would not stop at home. Subsequently, immigrants who arrived in the United States began to use a pumpkin due to the lack of turnips. All of this happened in the 19th century.

During Samhain it was thought that some souls came to visit their relatives. In some cases, it was feared that the deceased relative might frighten them or want revenge. From there begins to arise the need to dress up, to be able to make believe the soul of the relative, who is also visiting. Usually the costumes were terrifying as a way of defending themselves. This fashion also spread throughout the United States and now the world, but as a leisure activity.

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