The tulip route in the Netherlands (Bollenstreek)

the route in bollenstreek (or the tulip route) is one of the tours that travelers most seek to do in Holland.

Just by looking at some photographs, the reasons are obvious. Fields of flowers that look like cloaks that envelop those who pass by with color. Mixture of nature and the hand of man that came together to create a landscape of sublime beauty.

Image by Eveline de Bruin from Pixabay

Tino Stulen (Images via Flickr under Creative Commons license)

How is the route of the tulips

The tulip route extends 40 kilometers, between leiden Y Haarlem. It is also known as the “region of the Bulbs” the best time to visit it is in April, when the flower petals open revealing all their splendid and vibrant color.

These enormous fields of the most beautiful flowers, whose star is undoubtedly the tulip, are the result of the passion that the Dutch have for flowers and that has turned their hobby into an art that they know how to master better than anyone.

the area of bollenstreek It receives tourists from all over the world who do not want to miss the flowering spectacle, which turns the landscape into an image so perfectly beautiful that it is more like a Vermeer painting than a real site.

the path of the tulips in bollestreek leads through the flower-growing district, which runs from haarlem, to the north, up Leiden, 40 kilometers south. The wonder of its fields make it one of the busiest in the Netherlands.

The most colorful region in the Netherlands

Both cities are the product of the wealth of the horticultural industry displayed over centuries. The route runs between canals and houses with typical architecture, and the two cities function as a starting and finishing point and are so picturesque as they are characteristic of the region’s style that no visitor leaves without feeling touched by their beauty. It is recommended to do the Bollestreek route during the weekdays, leaving from the city, the area is mostly concentrated in the fields of cultivation of flower bulbs.

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The sight of that colorful carpeting, which is due to the neat way in which strips with flowers of different species and coloration are arranged when planting, give their best show when the intense cold begins to recede. The famous tulips are the symbol of Holland, and they are they can see until the beginning of May, in a diverse and incredible range of colors. Along the route, and next to the crops, we can buy flowers in stalls direct to the public.

The rise of tulips (or tulip mania) was in the 17th century. The craze for having them was such that their value and demand was comparable to that of gold.. It got to such a point that a bubble was formed that unleashed one of the deepest financial crises in the world’s economic history: the famous tulip crisis. After that fever for this beautiful flower, came the decline.

Going today through Bollenstreek and the tulip route provokes a bit of that fervor that he knew how to generate in the past.