The underwater waterfall of Mauritius: an impressive landscape

The underwater waterfall of Mauritius seen from the heights competes with its idyllic beaches to become the tourist image of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Really, the image is super powerful, in addition to being extremely beautiful. However, is it really an underwater waterfall? We will explain it to you below.

Tourism in Mauritius

Beach in Mauritius

Despite its geographical location in the southernmost part of the Indian Ocean, some 1,000 kilometers from the island of Madagascar and more than 2,000 from the African continent, the truth is that Mauritius has established itself as a tourist destination most desired by travelers. It is especially for those with a fairly high purchasing power, since Mauritius is not cheap.

The reasons for these prices are the distances that must be covered to get there. But once you land An earthly paradise awaits us with wonderful beaches and walks through tropical forests. All this possible thanks to the hotels and resorts vacation rentals spread over some of the most attractive locations on the island.

All these exclusive accommodations offer facilities where every last detail of the stay is taken care of. Attention to guests is also maximum, not only in its restaurants or on its nearby beaches, but also when preparing excursions to discover the island. . Y among these excursions you cannot miss the contemplation of the famous underwater waterfall of Mauritius.

Where is the underwater waterfall in Mauritius

underwater waterfall

The wonder of nature that supposes Mauritius’ underwater waterfall is located at the southwestern tip of the island. In this area is the peninsula of La Morne Brabant. Once you get there, the most common thing is to climb the mountain that gives this peninsula its particular profile.

It is a basaltic mountain that rises up to 556 meters high and whose ascent is more than bearable. A very attractive walk because old shelters used by escaped slaves in past centuries are discovered. Also, climbing to the top of La Morne Brabant provides wonderful views of the surroundings.

The underwater waterfall of Mauritius from above

However, climbing that mountain does not make it possible to fully appreciate Mauritius’ stupendous underwater waterfall. To see it and enjoy it you have to climb much higher. That’s why, there are numerous excursions that include a plane or helicopter flight over this area.

And we have to say that the higher you go, the more impressive this place is. In fact, the most admired photos of the underwater waterfall in Mauritius are taken from the satellites that orbit the planet at high altitude.

Is it really an underwater waterfall?

underwater shells

The great paradox of such natural beauty is that it’s all about an optical effect. Or, at least, the term cataract or cascade is not applicable as we usually understand it.

The fact is that tons and tons of sand mixed with mud accumulate in the vicinity of the coast. All these materials suffer the ravages of ocean currents. In addition to the fact that between the water on the shore and that brought by the currents there is a great difference in temperature, since a great abyss of depth opens up a short distance from the island.

All this generates a phenomenon in which the sand and silt move and there is a great contrast of colors in the water. And that phenomenon is appreciated at a great height. In other words, calling this place the great underwater waterfall of Mauritius is actually a literary figure, a metaphor, since it is the only way to graphically describe such a natural wonder.

And it is that this archipelago, like others scattered around the friendly Indian Ocean, such as the Maldives or the Seychelles, are always real surprises and delight for the world’s wealthiest travelers. So, if you have money left over, We hope we have given you a good idea for the destination of your next vacation.

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