The Waterfront, an old port converted into a leisure area

Waterfront is the new face of Cape Town. The space that was its old and functional seaport has become the largest entertainment area in the entire country. An area that you will surely visit during your vacation in South Africa, since you have everything there.

In this area there are restaurants, markets, spaces for artisans and designers, shops and tourist and cultural attractions. But, above all, here one enjoys much of the vitality that emanates from this South African city.

Waterfront, the reconversion of a port

The Waterfront in recent times has been transformed into a kind of living room for the inhabitants of Cape Town. And especially for the many visitors who come from all over the world.

Here they find more than a hundred hectares with facilities of all kinds, from markets of typical products to museums, and from hotels to restaurants. We are going to tell you in a little more detail what awaits you at the Waterfront from Cape Town:

More than 450 stores

For everyone who wants to do shopping During your vacation in South Africa, the Waterfront is your destination in Cape Town. Several hundred outlets await you here. There are for all tastes and pockets. There are jewelry stores, fashion stores, skin or technology. Somehow, It is the great commercial center of the country..

The Watershed

A very prominent area of ​​the Waterfront is known as The Watershed, on Dock Road. It is a large place reserved for local artisans and designers. In other words, the place where you can make the most unique purchases and unique gifts.

There are the most varied products, from furniture to textiles, and in any material, from wood to precious metals. It is essential to take this walk through South African design.

Popular Markets at Waterfront

In addition to the shops there are other stalls that are itinerant. These are the usual street food stalls on the Waterfront. It is known as the V&A Food Market, a place to eat the most popular delicacies of local cuisine.

If what you want is to see the agricultural wealth of this country, then you have to go to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market on Saturdays. There you can buy organic products by buying them directly from local farmers.

elegant restaurants

Of course, the entire Waterfront site offers the possibility of having lunch or dinner in numerous restaurants. In fact, here are the most cosmopolitan places and the most modern in the city, with the most innovative gastronomic proposals.

Tourist attractions for all tastes and ages

The leisure proposals in Cape Town do not end here. On the Waterfront, for example, is the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in Africa. And there is also the Two Oceans aquarium, making mention of the union of the waters of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, something that happens a short distance from here.

Another attraction is the Springbook Rugby Museum, the South African national team. And it’s even possible to ride the Wheel Capel Ferris wheel to enjoy the views.

And we must not forget the port use of the Waterfront. Many boats are still moored here, now for recreation and tourist use. Boats that allow you to go to points where you can spot sharks or visit the famous Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for years.

Events any day

The cultural and entertainment offer of this area of ​​the city does not end here. There is always an event going on here. And they are the most varied. There are sporting events, there are open-air movies, concertscontests of tattoos or product presentation. There is always something to see.

The Waterfront Hotels

In short, it has become clear that the Waterfront is one of the most vital places in this city. Both day and night. Therefore, you may want to find your accommodation near here. If so, no problem. You can sleep in the integrated hotels in this converted and modernized area of ​​the city. What a great idea!

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