The weather in Amsterdam, prepare for your adventure

If you are thinking of traveling to the Dutch capital, you should plan your getaway thinking not only about the places you want to visit, but also about the weather. We are going to tell you about the weather in Amsterdam, so you can prepare for your next adventure and enjoy it to the fullest.

How is the weather in amsterdam At each station

The climate in Holland is considered to be of the oceanic type. This means that it is quite temperate and humid, being close to the sea. In the country the winds are quite frequent and temperatures in summer are moderate (around 22°C), while in winter they can be quite cold (close to 0°C).

The weather in Amsterdam is similar to what happens in the rest of the country, although with some variations. Mostly cold, cloudy and rainy, This is the weather in each season of the year in the Dutch capital:

In winter

Dam Square – Steve Photography

If you dare to travel between the months of January and March, you should bear in mind that you will need a good amount of warm clothing to combat the freezing cold. In January you hardly see the sun through the clouds and that makes it seem even colder. Temperatures range between 5 and 7 degrees during the day and between 0 and 4 degrees at night.

At this time you can see some snowfall and even the frozen canals. In February the weather in Amsterdam does not vary much and there can be snowfalls and rains. Already for March frosts are unusual and temperatures remain at 10°C.

In spring

Tulip Park – Olena Z

Between April and June is one of the best times to visit the capital of the Netherlands. April features some spring storms and, although the temperatures are somewhat cool, they already exceed 12°C. In May the cold is over and it is over 15°C.

Besides, It is at this time when the flowering stage begins and you see the beautiful fields full of tulips, the days are longer and the clouds disappear. It is ideal for cycling and strolling through the typical canals. Or to visit places like the fantastic Keukenhof garden.

In summer

Amsterdam – S. Borisov

From July to September, but more so in August, Amsterdam is packed with tourists on summer vacation. It is the warmest season, with temperatures that can exceed 20°C. As it is not a city as hot as others in Europe, it is perfect to escape, for example, from the 40°C of Madrid or Rome.

The days are long and sunnyIt hardly rains and the weather is ideal to discover a beautiful city surrounded by history and nature. Already by September the temperatures begin to drop again and the autumn rains appear.

In autumn

Amsterdam – Dennis van de Water

From October to December the city changes color towards shades of brown and yellow, temperatures drop to 10°C and the sun is no longer so present as in the previous months. In November it is rare to exceed 6°C and in December snowfalls are frequent at dawn. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve it snows and is very cold (around 0°C).

What to do in Amsterdam according to the time of year?


Although most travelers like to walk on a sunny day and a pleasant temperature, the truth is that the Dutch capital has its charm even with rain or snow. The good news is that There are activities to do both outdoors and indoors.

If it is cold or rainy, you can take the opportunity to visit the magnificent museums of the city, among them the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum or the Rembrandt House Museum. You can also spend some time visiting the Anne Frank House or monuments such as the Oude Kerk.


“In the museum, walk slowly but keep walking.”

-Gertrude Stein-

On spring and summer days, in addition to the museums, you can enjoy open spaces such as Dam Square, Museum Square or Leidseplein. You can also visit charming neighborhoods, such as the Jordaan, or take a walk through the city, by boat on the canals or by bicycle.

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