The weather in Budapest prepares an unforgettable trip

We are going to talk about the weather in Budapest, so that you can prepare the trip according to your preferences. We have already told you about the charms of the Hungarian capital. That is, its monumental Parliament, its spas, the Chain Bridge or the beautiful Fishermen’s Bastion. And we have also told you about the possibility of combined circuits that include a visit to Budapest, along with Vienna and Prague.

As well, any trip that includes the Hungarian capital is much more enjoyable in good weather, bearing in mind that not everyone likes to travel in summer. So we are going to give you all the details of the weather in budapestso that you choose that date that you most want.

Weather in Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion – Yasonya

The weather and inclement weather that we may experience during any of our trips are unpredictable long in advance, and sometimes even short. So, if you book a trip in a few months, it will be impossible for you to know what the weather will be like during your stay. But instead, yeah you can know the weather that usually does for the dates chosen for your getaway.

Either that In the next few lines we are going to give you the guidelines that the weather in Budapest follows, since climate must not be confused with time. The weather is the general, and the weather is what it does at a particular time. So we hope that with this information you will choose the best time to make your trip to Budapest and, of course, that we wish you good weather.

The weather in Budapest: geographical location

Budapest – Luciano Mortula – LGM

The first thing we need to know about Budapest is that it is in the heart of the European continent, with the sea far away from its streets. That is why it has a continental climate. While the humidity is not provided by the sea, but by the impressive river Danube, that provides high levels of humidity, since its passage through the city is simply spectacular.

Ultimately, what the type of climate of the city is temperate and humid continental. What does that mean? We will break it down by seasons.

Winters in Budapest

It is basically the most unpredictable season. There may be winds from the west that make the thermometer drop to 5 degreesbut nothing comparable to when the easterly winds blow, which bring much more cold and also snow.

What’s more, once every two or three years the extremely cold Siberian anticyclone arrives. And besides that, in the city fogs are common.

Chain Bridge – Neirfy

Springs in Budapest

It rains little and, surprisingly, it’s quite sunny at this time, almost from April. Of course, it should not be surprising if during that month or the following one there are quite cold days, which even bring frost at night. So in the suitcase you will have to put a little of everything.

Summers in Budapest

If it is hot in spring, you can already imagine that it increases in the summer months. At the height of the season, the mercury can reach 35 degrees.. Although the nights are rather warm and it is usually cool. In this sense, the proximity to the Danube can be crucial.

Autumns in Budapest

Budapest–Ihor Pasternak

And to finish this journey through the meteorological calendar of the capital of Hungary, let’s say that there are years that summer can last until practically mid-October, so autumn is late in coming. Of course, when it establishes itself, it does so seriously and leaves abundant rains, and even snow on the coldest days.


“A trip is like marriage. The sure way to be wrong is to think that we are in control.”

-John Steinbeck-

Now comes the big question, when is the best time to travel to Budapest? Well, we would flee from the winter cold and the maximum summer heat, as well as from the autumn rains. For all this, We recommend traveling either in May or September. But we already warned, this is based on climatic criteria, because the weather in Budapest of a few days in particular no one can assure you.

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