The Witches Market in Mexico City

The Mercado de Sonora, known as Mercado de las Brujas, is an expedition through the world of witchcraft, Santeria, African voodoo, magic or esotericism. Located in the historic center of Mexico City, you will find more than 400 shamans and witches who offer all sorts of products and services.

The Witches Market receives thousands of people interested in traditions that have been present in Mexico for centuries. Tarot reading, spiritual cleansing and evil eye prevention are common themes. Whoever visits this place must do so without taboos or prejudicesbecause it is one more cultural expression.

In the Witches Market, the spiritual guides not only sell objects and some animals, they also offer workshops to learn ancient techniques and procedures. Equally, you will have the opportunity to inquire about natural medicine and its multiple benefits or on energy management and harmonizing for the spirit.

Witchcraft, a tradition that remains over time

You will find the Witches Market on Fray Servando Teresa de Mier avenue. It works all week, but the best day to go is Saturday. It opens at 10 and closes at dusk. This day, in particular, there is much more variety of products in this place, which has become a true icon of Mexico City.

When you go to this magical place, keep in mind that there are many street vendors that surround the area of ​​the market building. Therefore, it is better not to take a car. Y don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. You will need them to walk for hours and hours, because keep in mind that there are hundreds of places that you can visit.

This unique market has been operating since 1957, although many of the products and services they offer date back centuries. This ancestral Mexican tradition stems from ancient shamanism, in which believers worshiped death. For this reason, on important dates such as the Day of the Dead, Easter or Halloween, they offer special products.

The Witches Market, a place to enjoy and have fun

Market stall – Is it really necessary? We all have one /

The famous Witches’ Market is a business that has been inherited from generation to generation. Many of the visitors are women. who seek economic stability and, above all, love. However, it is also visited by men who want to consult to achieve success in their jobs, have good health or achieve prosperity.

In this traditional market products such as stones, talismans, essences and soaps are sold. There are also more than 150 types of herbs with which potions are made. The locals assure that these mixtures are capable of attracting good fortune, great love, enviable health or abundant work.

In the same way, They sell a lot of party supplies., in addition to food, clothing and live animals such as goats or roosters, among others. For this reason, there are also many who go there attracted by the good prices, and not so much by the supernatural products.

A market full of magic that will surprise you

In the Sonoran Market, visitors find endless products with very curious names and properties. Among some of the most valued are the ‘mancatcher’, the ‘honey of love’, ‘come to me’ or ‘mattress breaker’.

They say that these products have magical properties. But, more than believing in these properties, what is interesting is delving into that impressive wealth of popular culture.

The Sonora Market, or Witches Market, could be one of the largest of its kind in the entire world. Whether it’s out of curiosity or because you want to buy their products, it’s worth going, so don’t hesitate to set aside time during your stay in Mexico City for it.

If you like these themes, do not let buy your amulet and visit the seers who will give you advice through tarot. Also don’t forget to go to the costume area, buy cardboard skeletons or flowers from the Xochimilco nurseries. And take some fresh nopales or elotes from Milpa Alta, which by themselves are otherworldly delicacies.

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