The worst Coca-Cola mistake in history

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two leading companies in the soft drink industry worldwide, which is why throughout history both have struggled to be number one. However in the United States it is Coca-Cola that has led the market over its rival Pepsi.

But this was not always the case, on one occasion Pepsi used a spot with a blind test showing an old woman in a supermarket who was surprised after choosing Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola. This caused Pepsi to substantially increase its sales, for which Coca-Cola launched a new product on the market to counteract the new strategy: “New Coke”.

“New Coke” was considered the worst marketing mistake in history. At that time, Pepsi took the opportunity to launch a campaign highlighting that Coca-Cola changed its flavor to the Pepsi flavor.

But the Americans forced, as it were, Coca-Cola to return to its original flavor. That is why Coca-Cola launched “Classic Coke” and thus rectify their mistake.

It is said that tastes break genres and that is why for many people the flavor of their favorite soft drink is the best. And do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?