The year 2017 was especially positive for Canada

Canada lives its best year in terms of tourism in 2017, with 20.8 million tourists who came to the Canadian country.

Canada is one of the north america destinations interesting to take into account in terms of tourism. Certainly during the year 2017 the tourism sector in Canada has progressed very positively, all thanks to the fact that many travelers have taken this country into account when thinking about a good vacation at any time of the year to take advantage of their free time.

Canada managed to attract some 20.8 million tourists throughout the year 2017Over the past year, Canada has managed to attract a total of 20.8 million tourists, a figure that means reaching the highest level of visitors in the entire history of the country, an achievement that is undoubtedly worth celebrating. This is due to the good work that has been done by the nation over the past few years.

The previous record dated from 2002 and is therefore a figure of Travellers to take into account since it is fundamental because it is essential for the economy of the area to continue obtaining very good results, in addition to having higher income over the years.

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The government is investing in the tourism sector because it is contributing a lot to the national economy and also because 1.8 million national jobs depend directly on the tourism sector and therefore it must continue to be promoted.

The variety of incentives is what allows Canada to be considered a very interesting and attractive country to take it into account, a reference destination where we find natural, gastronomic proposals and large cities to discover, such as Québec, Toronto or Vancouver. , which are the most desirable places for travelers.

It is an alternative to take into account throughout the year since during the winter It is excellent for practicing winter sports such as skiing. During the summer, the alternatives for hiking, biking or excursions are excellent for a fairly complete trip.

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