These are lesser-known islands in the world, but beautiful

Traveling to an island is a fantastic idea for a luxury vacation. There are many that are famous, such as the Bahamas, Seychelles or Fiji. But this time we do not take you to them, we want to discover some lesser known islands in the world that are spectacular. An unforgettable experience. Are you coming with us?

These are some of the lesser known islands in the world

1. Coconuts Keeling

Cocos Keeling – David Stanley /

Seeing these islands will leave an image in your mind that you will hardly be able to erase. There are no words to describe its beauty. If you have ever seen white sand, the sand of these islands is whiter; If you have ever seen waters with Caribbean colors, these are even more so; And if you’ve ever seen clear, clean water, it sure as hell can’t beat Cocos Keeling!

These beautiful islands, which seem to have been brought from the very sky, they are located somewhere between Australia and Sri Lanka. An impressive archipelago, of whose islands only two are inhabited. The best plan? A canoe tour of all of them!

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate – Pawel Kazmierczak

No, we do not want to talk to you about the Spanish city where the Alhambra is located. We refer to a wonderful island belonging to the Antilles and that it is an independent state.

It is known as the spice island for cultivating more than 20% of all the nutmeg in the world. Any of its beaches are ideal for relaxing and forget about the stress of the city. They are little frequented beaches and of captivating beauty.

3. Nosy Be

Nosy Be – Jean-Yves CALECA

Surely, as an experienced traveler, one of your dreams, if you haven’t already fulfilled it, is to go to Madagascar, and this is its best island. It is known as the island of perfumethanks to the fact that the sea breeze makes its air permeate with the famous flower ylang-ylangtypical of Madagascar.

It has volcanic lakes and small private islets, not to mention a small island off their land that has an impressive reserve for snorkeling. A walk to it to enjoy its beaches will be a wonderful idea to spend a different day during your vacation on the island.

4. Reunion Island

Reunion Island – Miwok /

It is very close to the Maldives. A prosperous island where there are, but that has not managed to be the most famous or visited. It is really underrated, but this at the same time allows you to visit it without fearing large crowds.

It is a perfect photographic setting and a dream place. It also has one of the most incredible natural spaces in the world: the Piton de la Fournaise volcano. It remains active, although no lava explosion is expected, so there is no danger if you want to spend a luxury vacation on this beautiful island.

5. Sum

Sumba – Mawardi Bahar

If we talk about Indonesia, it is likely that Bali will quickly come to mind, but this island has much more to offer you. Not only can you enjoy resorts of luxury, but also of history and culture.

Its beaches are ideal for surfing, since they register waves of more than three meters of height. A dream for lovers of this sport! And if not, you will love taking a bath in its paradisiacal waters, discovering its rice fields and visiting its heart-stopping natural corners, such as the Tanggedu waterfall.

6. Sulawesi

Silawesi – Fabio Lamanna

It may be one of the least known islands in the world, but it is incredible. Another of Indonesia’s hidden treasures. Here the beaches have direct access to tropical forests that populate it, allowing you to walk through the jungle while you get a tan.

If there is something that attracts the attention of this island, it is its four protected marine parks, which will delight lovers of diving and snorkeling. Due to its enormous quantity of corals and other riches of the sea, the color of its waters is an intense turquoise that will make you fall in love.


“Travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”

-Ibn Battuta-

They are some of the least known islands in the world, authentic treasures to discover. You already have a wide variety of more destinations to add to your list of next places to visit.

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