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They discover mushrooms that glow in the dark

Dennis Desjardin, from the University of San Francisco, and Cassius Stevani, from the University of Sao Paulo, during a nocturnal expedition They found mushrooms that glow in the dark.


Seven new species of mushrooms found. Desjardin describes the discovery as “looking at a starry sky but looking at the ground, each star was a little mushroom in a fantastic spectacle.”

This effect is called bioluminescence and consists in the fact that the mushroom produces light -a soft greenish glow- thanks to a chemical reaction. This variety has a sticky gel on its stem or trunk that keeps it moist during the hottest days, causing insects to get trapped.

Let’s say that these luminous mushrooms look like those star-shaped stickers that stick to walls and ceilings, almost imperceptible during the day but that shine when the lights go out.

Having a garden where we can have mushrooms like this would be the envy of many.


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