This hotel is “inside a mountain” in Chile (Huilo-Huilo Reserve)

It really seems like it was part of a story, and it is without a doubt a amazing hotel like the floating hotel. is literally a Magic Mountain is located in Chilein the middle of 120,000 hectares of the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve.

Christian Córdova (Images via Flickr under Creative Commons License)

The Magic Mountain Lodge It was built with noble materials and by the hands of artisans from the neighboring communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy, small mountainous towns of logging origin. The desire was not to alter the ecosystem in which it is found so that everyone can enjoy this place of immeasurable beauty.



leap of the lioness

Entry door

In the area where the hotel there is a preponderance of water, of great purity, and for this reason a hotel in the shape of a mountain “from which this life arises and contains the magic of the forests of hundred-year-old trees inside, discovering in each of its details, the unique and unrepeatable beings and elements that make up the Native Forest.”

Magic Mountain offers visitors beautiful rooms with the warmth of wood, excellent cuisine, bar and personalized service. In addition, the Lodge offers games room for children, mini golf, reading room, laundry, sauna and baths in century-old logs with natural heated water.

Mini Golf in the Forest

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For families who want to visit this amazing hotel in Chilithe “Rincón Mágico” children’s club is a distinctive service that provides a safe and entertaining place for the little ones between 4 and 12 years of age.

This mountain-shaped hotel is a different way of finding relaxation in nature without giving up the comfort of the best accommodation.

Here you have the location of the lodge on a map:

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