This immense beach with crystalline waters is one of the best in Galicia: Langosteira

The Langosteira beach in Galicia It is in an urbanized environment, but it is preserved in a way in which its natural essence surrounded by green prevails. It has fine, almost white sand, bathed by a sea of ​​calm waters, without waves, crystalline and displaying endless turquoise tones. lobster is one of the most beautiful beaches in Galiciaand is one step away from fisterrathe city of the “end of the European world”, famous for its sunsets.

How to get to Langosteira Beach

With its almost two kilometers of extension, this beach is located at the access to fisterraprovince of A Coruña and part of the death coast. This is nothing far from Santiago de Compostela: in total there are about 80 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra and Langosteira beach. In fact it is a perfect getaway from the capital of Galicia. On the way you can make a stop in beautiful towns such as Maceira Bridge.

You can also make a organized excursion to Finisterre and Costa da Morte from Santiago de Compostela (of a full day). On this excursion you will have two free hours to get to know Fisterra and even get to Langosteira beach. Or there are also long-distance bus services between Fisterra and Santiago de Compostela.

Langosteira beach is about 5 or 10 minutes walk from the town of Fisterra. This is the route en route from Santiago de Compostela:

Reasons to visit Langosteira beach

For those who like tranquility, natural places, paradisiacal beaches and a less torrid climate in summer, this beach is perfect, thinking of staying a few days in summer, or even visiting it at any time of the year to enjoy its landscape and calm. These are the attractive points of the beach:

It is one of the longest beaches in Galicia

It extends for 1.9 kilometers, in a gentle curve that seems to embrace the calm sea. The beach is guarded by the green of the vegetation that prevails over the houses. Towards one of the southernmost ends of the beach and the Langosteira cove is the small town of fisterra. To the other end is pombeira tipand a little further away and separated by a stretch of rocks, the small cove or heel beach. The environment is always pure nature.

Langosteira beach in Galicia

It is one of the best beaches in Galicia to go with children

On Langosteira beach and the nearby town of fisterra Tranquility prevails, both in the streets and on the beaches. It is a perfect destination to go with children, with family, with friends. The calm water (next point) that serves as a gigantic natural pool, will delight the little ones.

Langosteira Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Galicia for bathing

As I was saying, the sea is very calm since it is a sheltered bay and it looks in the opposite direction to the open sea. On the other side of the Fisterra peninsula, is the Mar de Fora beach, which does have a wilder beauty, with waves from the Atlantic and ocean currents that require great caution when bathing. Instead the Langosteira beach It is pure calm, a sandy area with a gentle slope towards the sea, like an authentic natural pool.

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Langosteira Beach

If you are wondering if the water is cold, well it is, this is Galicia. But for those who dare, as in my case, you can perfectly enjoy a refreshing dip. In any case, the cold water is compensated by outdoor temperatures that are not so stifling. Many days you can perfectly enjoy the beach without needing a dip, with temperatures that can be around 23 or 24 degrees. It is the perfect place for those looking to escape the extreme heat.

Langosteira Beach

It is one of the quietest beaches in Galicia

It is not an open sea beach, but is sheltered from both the wind and the waves. In addition, being a relatively secluded site in the death coast, and without big cities so close, it is a quiet place, urbanized in a moderate way and still respectful of the place. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation. And on such a long beach there is always space and quiet areas, places where you can choose a place to spend the day without crowds.

Langosteira Beach

Langosteira Beach

Where to stay in Langosteira Beach

I leave you three recommendations to stay steps from Langosteira beach:

Casa Felisa, a house for tourist use. This house is ideal to stay with your partner or family, and is 300 meters from Langosteira Beach. It has an excellent score of 9.1 on Booking.

See prices at Casa Felisa

Apartments in Langosteira beach. A few meters from the beach, and with a heated pool, these apartments are perfect for enjoying a vacation. They have a score of 9.1 on

See prices of these apartments in Playa Langosteira

Cabins by the beach. These cabins are overlooking the sea, and have a restaurant, garden and swimming pool. They are precious for their comfort and decoration and have a score of 9.3 on Booking.

See prices in Cabañas Fisterra

Langosteira Beach

Finally, remember that from Langosteira beach in Galicia you can be walking in about 5 or 10 minutes by fisterra, a town with plenty of restaurants, places to stay, and nearby attractions such as the Fisterra lighthouse, with its famous sunsets. In summer, many choose to stay directly a few steps from the Langosteira beach in Galicia, since it is better to prioritize proximity to the sea and sand. In the photo you can see the town of Fisterra with its pier and port:

Do not hesitate to ask any questions in comments that I will answer as soon as possible.

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