This is how the Sabbath is lived in Israel, find out!

The sabbath It is the day of rest for the Jews. A day in which everything comes to a standstill and focuses on rest, prayer and spiritual enrichment. We are going to tell you how to live sabbath In Israel, information that will be of interest to you if you intend to visit the country. Pay attention.

how do you live the sabbath?

As we said, the sabbath it is the holy day for the jews. A tradition that has been practiced since the very origins of this religion. It is celebrated for the belief that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

live the sabbath in Israel is something very special. Most businesses are closed And it’s like life stopped dead. It begins on Friday night and runs throughout the day on Saturday.

The axes of attention during this day are family, friends and the encounter with the inner self and a connection with our soul. In fact, electronic devices such as radio, television, computers and mobile phones are turned off to favor the strengthening of this link.

A tradition that never ceases to surprise many of the tourists who travel to the country. Moreover, there are those who, for very different reasons, decide to travel to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of sabbath In Israel. Believer or not, it will be a different experience. And besides, you can do many things. We want to show it to you.

How to enjoy the sabbath in israel

If your trip coincides with the sabbath In Israel, the first thing you have to do is forget about the belief that you will not be able to do anything. On Saturdays, despite the fact that many places are closed, they offer you great opportunities to enjoy yourself. Here are some plans:

Visit the Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall is the most emblematic place in Israel. Holy place for the Jews, during the celebration of sabbath is filled with believers, who come to pray in front of him. One of those images that remain forever in the retina.

It usually begins to fill with faithful already from Friday at sunset. It is at that moment when the welcoming ceremony is performed. sabbath (also known as kabbalah shabbat).

You will surely be impressed by this visit. Nevertheless, remember that you are in a sacred place. You must at all times show respect to the people who are there. Avoid disturbing and, especially, recording or taking photographs.

Free guided tours of Jerusalem

Although we imagine the day of the sabbath in Israel as a moment of absolute paralysis, it is not quite so. Guided tours in English are offered on Saturday mornings in cities such as Jerusalem.

During the tour, which lasts about three hours, you will be able to know the most important of the city. A guide will explain the history and meaning of each place: the Old City, the Via Dolorosa, the Mount of Olives, etc. And all this, for free.

Visit the Israel Museum

Many museums close during the sabbath In Israel. This museum does not, which opens on Saturday until five in the afternoon. It houses one of the most important collections of history and archeology in the country. Its funds are made up of more than half a million objects related to the Jewish and Christian religion.

This museum does require a fee, but the visit is worth it. Here you can admire files and documents of enormous value. More than 5000 thousand years of history await you in this placeDo not miss it!

Most of Israel’s population may not work during the sabbath and that many public transports do not work. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

Also, always you will find Arab restaurants where you can taste the delights of its gastronomy, or shops where you can buy a souvenir. What else can we tell you? Are you ready to live a new experience like the sabbath In Israel?

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