This is Vernazza, one of the most beautiful villages in the Cinque Terre (guide and tips)

From the list of list of Cinque Terre villages, Vernazza is one of the most beautiful. And I make this statement without wanting to say that there is one that is not pretty, much less. To see the five towns of Cinque Terre in photos you can do it from this link. And if you want to seriously think about visiting this wonder of the Italian coast, I’ll share this Cinque Terre guide based on my experience.


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In this post we are going to concentrate on enjoying photos and tips on Vernazza.

Why is this town so beautiful?

Let's start with the first.  Vernazza is one of the most beautiful in the Cinque Terre for several reasons.  It is beautiful how this town




Where is Vernazza located and how to get there?Vernazza like each one of the towns of Cinque Terre is located in the province ofLa Spezia

, Liguria.  It overlooks the Ligurian Sea with its unique color, and is the closest town to Monterosso al Mare (the one further west).  If we look north, it is the fourth town and one of the furthest from the city of La Spezia.  In addition, it is one of the most chosen to stay at least one night.



VernazzaHow to get

.  Like the Cinque Terre towns, it has no traffic, and is preserved as a fishing village with entirely pedestrian streets.  Therefore, to arrive by car, we can only do so as far as the car parks that are on the edge of the town at the entrances.  In fact, in the guide that I mention and link from the first paragraph you will see that traveling by car is not the most appropriate in this region.  The most practical way to get there is by train (with the tourist pass), or on board (on the excursion boats that link each town.



What to see and do in Vernazza?

First of all, it is worth clarifying that they are small towns, so although there are activities to do, you can get to know them quite well in half a day, and enjoy them in a full day if we decide to take a break, have dinner and enjoy the sunset in the place. .  But Vernazza still has its attractions.

Vernazza As in every Italian town, it has its beautiful church with centuries of history: it is called Santa Margherita d’Antionchia church and it is from the year 1318. It is also essential toCastle of Doria , the ideal place to climb (there are not too many steps) and thus enjoy the panoramic views of the town and the coast. The castle is in the old heart. last in Vernazza

you can visit the hermitage by a signposted path, and enjoy the views of the sea, or the vineyards. In the town there is a small beach that can provide us with a little refreshment in a dip, and relaxation. And for the intrepid and with more time, you can do the trail to Monterosso al Mare through the national park.

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Where to stay?

In little Vernazza there are hotels and nice places to stay. I am going to recommend different options with very good value for money: One apartment (in the heart of the old town and close to everything) >>

MaDa Charm Apartments Terrace&Carugio Ideal for a couple (room next to the sea) >>

La Polena Affittacamere Rooms with garden (quieter, near the center but not in the heart of Vernazza >>

Camere Giuliano basso

With these three options the quality is covered, and they have different alternatives to choose from. They can also see options to stay in Cinque Terre

with tips for other points or towns.


How long is it advisable to stay in Vernazza?

With one morning, it is even enough to meet him. To enjoy it, perhaps a full day and stay one night (although in one day you can also visit some of the neighboring towns).

You will tell me in comments if you have any questions or have already enjoyed Vernazza. In my case, I closed the day in the town planting the tripod at sunset in one of its viewpoints to take pictures. Unforgettable moment of the trip.

All images belong to Matías Callone and are licensed under Creative Commons.You might also be interested in:

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