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This ‘strange’ intelligent creature is one of nature’s great mysteries

It has no brain, no nervous system, but is still capable of ‘thinking’, remembering and making decisions. It is not a plant, nor an animal, nor a fungus. Although it does not have a mouth, nor a stomach, it can perceive food and digest it. Is strange creature is one of the mysteries of nature.

What strange creature are we talking about? We talk about physarum polycephalum, a bright yellow organism. For a few days, it has been exhibited at the Paris Zoo, where it has become the star.

“It is not very clear whether it is an animal, whether it is a fungus or whether it is something in between,” said the director of the Paris Zoo, Bruno David. Long confused with fungi, they are now classified as a type of amoeba.

“It is truly one of the most extraordinary things living on Earth today,” said the Zoo’s director.

smart life?

He is able to solve mazes and heal himself. Although it does not have legs, it can advance 4 centimeters per hour. It can double its size in a single day. If he is cut in two, he can heal in just 2 minutes.

“Although it lacks a nervous system, it can make complex decisions, learn and store long-term memory,” said Audrey Dussutour, who studies single-celled organisms with France’s National Center for Scientific Research.

«He can make his way through a maze, he can build efficient transportation networks, sometimes better than uss, actually,” Dussutour said in an interview with NPR’s weekend edition .

In a remarkable experiment published in Science researchers in Japan discovered that the physarum polycephalum managed to replicate Tokyo’s rail transportation network much better than humans did.

On the other hand, its enemies are light, drought, salt and caffeine. Even the mold can avoid caffeine, and can transfer that knowledge to another clone, according to some findings.

It is a very strange, intelligent and fascinating creature.

Therefore, it could well pass as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Sure, I wouldn’t classify because it’s not an animal. For that alone, it’s off the list.

In Ted’s video below, artist Heather Barnett talks about what we humans can learn from this intelligent organism.

THE VIDEO: (Spanish subtitles)

What do you think?

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